The American Quarter Horse Journal

June 2016

  • Gymnasticize your western riding and jumping horses
  • The gifted Acadamosby Award
  • Navicular: New options to try
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Ranch Horse Journal

June 2016: Preview Issue

  • Welcome to the Ranch Horse Journal!
  • Meet Versatility Ranch Horse world champion Elwyn McCleskey
  • Visit Sunup Ranch 
  • Beware: Needle grass hay
  • Get your horse ground tied
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Performance Horse Journal

This new bi-monthly magazine is dedicated to reining, cutting, roping, barrel racing and other timed events.

Subscribers to The American Quarter Horse Journal will receive a preview issue of the Performance Horse Journal with their July Journal. Performance Horse Journal subscribers can look forward to September for their first issue.

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America's Horse Magazine

June 2016

  • Answers to the most common horse-health questions
  • Groundwork 101: Hone in on body language and cues
  • Why a horse's senses are highly developed
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Q-Racing Journal

Annual Review

  • 2015 champion horses, horsemen, starter statistics, plus leading sires, dams, broodmare sires, jockeys and more
  • Comparing the numbers to see if our horses are getting faster
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