2016 Journal Archive

June 2016

  • Gymnasticize your western riding and jumping horses
  • The gifted Acadamosby Award
  • Navicular: New options to try

May 2016

  • Zoetis Versatility Ranch Horse and John Deere Cowboy Mounted Shooting AQHA world champions
  • Skin grafts heal even the most grotesque wounds
  • English 101: Your guide to getting started

April 2016

  • Meet the 2015 AQHA high-point champions
  • Horse-Health Articles Galore: This issue covers equine allergies, equine warts, joint health, eye injuries, colic surgery, weaning and equine companions

April 2016 High-Point Supplement

Featured Articles:

  • Read the bios of the 2015 AQHA high-point winners in this free supplement to the April 2016 American Quarter Horse Journal

March 2016

  • Six horses and four men are being inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 2016
  • Judges critique top reining competitors
  • The different types of martingales and the AQHA rules governing them

February 2016

  • How to Speak Horse: Improve communication using leg and seat aids
  • Breeder Spotlight: Jud Little
  • The Legacy: Members celebrating 50 years of breeding American Quarter Horses

January 2016

  • Longtime horsemen share their horse-breeding wisdom
  • How to feed horses when they're on a break
  • Journal coverage from the 2015 Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show


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