June 2016

  • Answers to the most common horse-health questions
  • Groundwork 101: Hone in on body language and cues
  • Why a horse's senses are highly developed

May 2016

  • Healing Heroes With Horses: The Semper Fi Fund's Jinx McCain Horsemanship Program pairs wounded veterans with American Quarter Horses
  • Grace and Grit: Cancer robbed this professional barrel racer of her sight, but not her cowgirl spirit.

March-April 2016

  • The Bold Beautiful: Helen Michaelis is one of 12 women who helped pave AQHA's path
  • Hearts of Gold: Therapy horses embody the best of the American Quarter Horse's innate qualities
  • The Need for Speed: G.R. Carter Jr.'s passion for roping and racehorses 

January-February 2016

  • A blind American Quarter Horse and her owner share their moving story
  • A Tale of Two Mayflowers: Two historic mares, one great story of the American Quarter Horse racehorse
  • How does a Tony Award-winning actress juggle her two passions: show business and horses?