September 30 - October 4, 2015
Las Vegas

September 30 - October 4, 2015
Lexington, Virginia

Competitor Resources

Find the resources you need to qualify for and attend an AQHA Level 1 championship show.

SmartPak West Resources | Nutrena East Resources

NOTE: "If an exhibitor wins a class at the Level 1 Championships, he/she is no longer eligible to compete in that class at any future Level 1 Championships; however, if an exhibitor is Level 1-eligible, he/she may continue to show in that class in Level 1 competition." (AQHA Rule SHW245.3)

Qualifying and Eligibility Rules
Find out if you are eligible to compete at the AQHA Level 1 championships, plus learn how to qualify for the event. 

2015 Qualifiers (these listings will be updated as each state invitee list is processed)

Help on entry fees:

Example 1 - Horses entered in both Rookie and Level 1 classes.
The exhibitor wants to show in 5 Level 1 classes and 4 Rookie classes.  They would pay the $325 and get a stall and 3 level 1 classes.  They would then pay an additional $70 ($35/each) for their 2 more Level 1 classes.  Then they would pay $100 ($25/each) for their 4 Rookie classes.  The original cost of $325 covers the stall and 3 classes (any combination of Level 1 and Rookie).  If they are ONLY in Rookie classes they would pay the $225.

Example 2 - 2 people want to show the same horse in Level 1 classes.  
Exhibitor #1 would pay $325 and get a stall and their 3 classes.  The second exhibitor would get a discount of $100, they would pay $225 for their 3 classes and NOT get a 2nd stall.  If they however want 2 stalls they would just pay the $325 each.  Each exhibitor may show the horse in any amateur or Select class, just not the same class. This means that both exhibitors could not show in Showmanship (Level 1 Amateur and Level 1 Select of the same class OR 13 & U and 14-18 of the same class).   But one could show Amateur Trail and one could show Select Horsemanship.  Or if one of the exhibitors was an amateur and one was youth they could both show in their respective showmanship class.

Example 3 - 2 people showing the same horse in Level  1 and Rookie classes.
Exhibitor #1 wants to show Level 1 and Exhibitor #2 wants to show Rookie.  Exhibitor #1 would pay $325 and get a stall and their 3 classes. If they enter additional classes (either Rookie or Level 1) they would pay the additional class fees.  Exhibitor #2 would pay $225 for the Rookie classes.  They would get a 2nd stall and 3 Rookie classes.  If Exhibitor #2 wants to do any Level 1 classes it would bump the charges up to the $325, and it would be the same as Example 1.

All National and State Qualifiers 

Qualifiers' Handbook

Rookie Class entry form

Liability and Indemnity agreement (must be submitted with each entry)

Level 1 Eligibility Release form (must be submitted with each entry)

Qualifier Recognition

If you are a qualifier, you’ve earned the right to brag!

Share your SmartPak or Nutrena qualifier badge with your friends and family. Save the qualifier badge, then post it on social media to let everyone know you qualified for the Level 1 Championships!

Order these exclusive items for 2015 Level 1 Championship qualifiers:



  •     Montana Silversmiths Belt Buckle
  •     Gold Trophy
  •     Neck Wreath
  •     Top-10 Patch

Reserve Champion:

  •     Silver Trophy
  •     Reserve Champion Ribbon
  •     Justin Boots certificate
  •     Top-10 Patch

Bronze Champion:

  •     Bronze Trophy
  •     Bronze Champion Ribbon
  •     Wrangler Jean Certificate


  •     Ribbons
  •     Top-10 Patch
  •     Medallion

Farnam All-Around Amateur; All-Around Select Amateur; All-Around 13 and Under; All-Around 14-18:

  •     Weatherbeeta Blanket
  •     Professional’s choice western saddle pad
  •     Montana Silversmiths Belt Buckle

Reserve Farnam All-Around Exhibitors:

  •     Montana Silversmiths Belt Buckle
  •     Professional’s Choice western saddle pad
  •     Trophy

Bronze Farnam All-Around Exhibitors:

  •     Professional’s Choice SMB’s
  •     Montana Silversmiths spurs
  •     Trophy

Halter Champion of Champions:

  •     Weatherbeeta blanket
  •     Neck Ribbon

Reserve Halter Champion of Champions:

  •     Weatherbeeta blanket
  •     Neck Ribbon

High Point Amateur and Youth Exhibitor:

  •     Professional’s Choice western saddle pad

High-Point English Exhibitors

  •     Professional’s Choice English saddle pad

B& W Rookie Champion

  •     Acrylic Trophy
  •     Neck Wreath

B&W Reserve Rookie Champion

  •     Acrylic Trophy
  •     Reserve Neck Wreath

B&W Bronze Rookie Champion

  •     Acrylic Trophy
  •     Bronze Champion Trophy

B&W Rookie High Point

  •     Leather halter
  •     Professional’s Choice saddle pad

SmartPak West AQHA Level 1 Championship

South Point Arena & Equestrian Center Rules, Regulations and Information

SmartPak Stall & Shavings request form

Show Secretary
Heidi Lane: 719-320-6355

Benny Sargent
Lisa Moden
Melissa Dukes
Jennifer Thompson
Tonya Brown
Stephen Stephens

Ring Stewards
Tracy Hatakeyama
Ken Cochrane
Cam Foreman
Theresa Martinez
Kelsey Nichols
Ann Hathorn

Host Hotel

Michael Gaughan's South Point Hotel, Casino, Spa
When calling directly provide the group name, AQHA Smartpack Novice West Championship and the group code, AQH2015 to help the reservation agent locate the group block.

Nutrena East AQHA Level 1 Championship


Virginia Horse Center

Nutrena Stall request from

Show Secretary
Kathy Gould
33410 Road 800
Raymond, CA 93653
Fax: 559-689-3101
Phone: 559-689-3101 or 559-760-0512


Mike Carter
Ron Stratton
Chad Evans
Valerie Kearns
Daren Wright
Andrea Simons

Ring Stewards
Bobby Walton
Gale Little
Carla McMullen
Kathy Schroeder
Kenneth Daniels
Shannon Baker

Host Hotels
Please call hotels directly for specific cut-off dates.

Howard Johnson Lexington
2836 North Lee Hwy 24450
540-463-9181; fax 464-3448
$99.95 single/double

Motel 6-Lexington VA #4716
65 Econo Lane 24450
540-463-7371; fax 463-6095
$99.95 single/double

Natural Bridge Park & Historic Hotel & Conference Center
Lee Highway Route 11
PO Box 87
Natural Bridge, VA 24578
1-800-533-1410 extension 0; fax 540-291-1896
$109 single/double

If you experience difficulty in securing accommodations in Lexington, please email Cheyenne Tyk.
For Additional Lodging Contacts click here

Additional Hotels available (25 miles from show grounds)

Days Inn
372 Whitehill Rd
Stauton, VA

Sleep Inn
222 Jefferson Hwy
Staunton, VA

Vacation Rentals by Owner
(location bed-and-breakfast availability)

RV Hook-Ups
Virginia Horse Center
Ellen Pennine
Phone: 540-464-2966
Water will be brought in daily for dry camping. Dry camping is only $35 for the whole show and unlimited spots.

Lee Hi TA
40 RV spots available
5 miles from the Virginia Horse Center
540-463-3478, ext. 7244

Sunnybrook (Fairfield)
Sally Claeys, Sterling Properties & Management
Phone:  952-237-2246

Sleeps 5
As of 8/17/15, property IS available for Sept 28 - Oct 4th

Stable Office, RV Hook-up, Shavings Orders
Ellen Pennine
Phone: 540-464-2966