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All American Futurity Trial Recaps

All American Futurity race-by-race recaps.

August 16, 2013




Fastest times through trial #14 of 14

Top-5 from each day qualify for final

Wagon Tales - :21.021
Skuze Pleeze - :21.177
Wagon Full Of Gold - :21.331
Reagal Eagle - :21.366
Fatal Policy - :21.412





Trial Recaps - August 16



     Trial 14, Day 2
Winner - El Senor Lucero
Time - :21.699
Owner - J and M Racing and Farm
Trainer - Kristopher Cordova
Jockey - Esgar Ramirez
Breeder - Jaime Gomez
Notes - El Senor Lucero earns his second win in his third start. In his previous out, he was fourth in the Ruidoso Futurity (G1).



Trial 13, Day 2
Winner - Reagal Eagle
Time - :21.366
Owner - Nahum Prieto and D. Rosella
Trainer - Eduardo Gonzalez
Jockey - Larry Gamez
Breeder - Lucas Racing Inc. (MD)
Notes - Reagal Eagle, a Maryland-bred One Famous Eagle colt, has been busy: six starts in six months, and now with a 2-1-0 record. He's struggled in stakes, finishing 9th in the West Texas Juvie at Sunland and 5th in the Rainbow at Ruidoso.





Trial 12, Day 2
Winner - Winter Is Coming
Time - :21.637
Owner - Sunset Well Service, Inc.
Trainer - Michael D. Chavez
Jockey - Felipe Garcia-Luna
Breeder - Dunn Ranch, Ltd. (TX)
Notes - Winter Is Coming had been a prolific 2-year-old, with five outs prior to today's win; she's now 3-0-3. She finished third but finished strong in the 300-yard West Texas Juvie at Sunland. This FDD Dynasty filly is the first winner in this year's trials to be named after something in Game of Thrones.





Trial 11, Day 2
Winner - YM Rapid
Time - :21.490
Owner - You and Me Partners
Trainer - Eddie D. Willis
Jockey - Jimmy D. Brooks
Breeder - You and Me Partners (OK)
Notes - Not only had YM Rapid not yet won prior to this trial, he'd never finished higher than 6th in two outs, one at Ruidoso and another at Remington. Brooks is the only jockey so far to pilot the gelding.





Trial 10, Day 2
Winner - Cruizin
Time - :21.465
Owner - Hector M. Ramirez
Trainer - G. Blane Wood
Jockey - Ricky Ramirez
Breeder - Harris Racing Sables, Inc./Booream
Notes - Cruzin had just one prior start, at Retama, but great connections. This is a Swingin Jess gelding out of Tommy De Great mare Spill Purfume.





Trial 9, Day 2
Winner - Harrisburg
Time - :21.598
Owner - Junior's Quarter Horses, Inc.
Trainer - Ugo De La Torre
Jockey - Esgar Ramirez
Breeder - Robert A. Gentry (KY)
Notes - The first Kentucky-bred to win an AA trial race this year, Harrisburg is an Azoom colt out of Fearless Freda by Dash For Cash. Harrisburg had just a single race under his belt prior to today's: a second-place finish at Ruidoso in July.





Trial 8, Day 2
Winner - Catch Billy The Kid
Time - :21.637
Owner - Billy G> Smith, Lyle Guillory, J Bar 7 Ranch, LLC
Trainer - Michael W. Joiner
Jockey - G.R. Carter, Jr.
Breeder - La Feliz Montana Ranch, LLC (CA)
Notes -This was Catch Billy The Kid's first finish in the money after three starts. All three out have been under jockey Carter.





Trial 7, Day 2
Winner - Feature Lauren
Time - :21.646
Owner - Andrew T. Smith
Trainer - Luis Villafranco
Jockey - Cody Jensen
Breeder - Andrew T. Smith (OK)
Notes - This homebred Feature Mr Jess filly is one of the most experienced horses in these trials. Prior to today, she was 0-1-1 in five starts, with three starts at Ruidoso and a pair at Remington.





Trial 6, Day 2
Winner - SMS First Dibs
Time - :21.838
Owner - SMS Racing, LLC
Trainer - Michael W. Joiner
Jockey - G.R. Carter, Jr.
Breeder - John Andreini (CA)
Notes - Second win of the day for the Carter-Joiner combination. SMS First Dibs is a First Down Dash gelding out of the Chicks Beduino mare Go Adrianna.





Trial 5, Day 2
Winner - SS Paydirt
Time - :21.626
Owner - Richard S. Frandsen
Trainer - Blaine Hadley
Jockey - Russel Hadley
Breeder - Richard S. Frandsen (UT)
Notes - This homebred Carters Cartel gelding has run exclusively at Les Bois prior to today. After this victory, he has four wins in five starts.





Trial 4, Day 2
Winner - Wagon Tales
Time - :21.021
Owner - JNB Enterprises, LLC
Trainer - Judd S. Kearl
Jockey - Cody Jensen
Breeder - The Mixer Ranch (OK)
Notes - And another PYC Paint Your Wagon product wins on Day 2 of the Futurity trials. This is the colt's first race at Ruidoso, but he went 2-1-1 in four starts at Remington Park.





Trial 3, Day 2
Winner - Dynastys First Call
Time - :21.467
Owner - Johnny Trotter 
Trainer - G Blane Wood
Jockey - Ricky Ramirez
Breeder - Richard R Shearer (NM)
Notes - Jockey Ramirez had a great Day 1, and his Day 2 is starting out pretty well, too. Ramirez and trainer Wood have paired up for a 22% win rate at Ruidoso this meet.





Trial 2, Day 2
Winner - Wagon Full of Gold
Time - :21.331
Owner - Ezra Elton Lee, Jill B Giles, and Melvin Neugebauer 
Trainer - Wesley T Giles
Jockey - Jay Conklin
Breeder - Ezra Lee and Toby Dahl (OK)
Notes -This PYC Paint Your Wagon gelding is still undefeated in two lifetime starts at Ruidoso.





Trial 1, Day 2
Winner - Kates Dynasty
Time - :21.441
Owner - B.G. Smith, J.P. Windham and Pat D. Guthrie 
Trainer - Michael W Joiner
Jockey - G R Carter, Jr
Breeder - Jerry Windham (TX) 
Notes - In three starts prior to today, Kates Dynasty's only other win was also under G.R. Carter, here at Ruidoso in May.






Fastest times through trial #14 of 14
Top-5 from each day qualify for final

Hes Relentless - :21.148
Especially Tres - :21.191
Handsome Jack Flash - :21.209
Houdini - :21.233
Fly Thru The Fire - :21.267 (tie 5th)
You N How Many More - :21.267 (tie 5th)





Trial Recaps - August 15





Trial 14, Day 1
Winner - Mr Runaway
Time - :21.558
Owner - Gerardo Medina Luna
Trainer - Juan M. Gonzales
Jockey - Jaime Parga Leos
Breeder - Gerardo Medina Luna (TX)
Notes - This was Mr Runaway's first win in four career starts, all at Ruidoso.





Trial 13, Day 1
Winner - Belle Helene
Time - :21.534
Owner - JJ Cool L, LLC
Trainer - G. Blane Wood
Jockey - Ricky Ramirez
Breeder - Juliana Hawn Holt (TX)
Notes - Two in a row for the combo of Wood and Ramirez!





Trial 12, Day 1
Winner - Big Biz Perry
Time - :21.362
Owner - Jose R. Espinoza
Trainer - G. Blane Wood
Jockey - Ricky Ramirez
Breeder - Burnett Ranches, LLC (TX)
Notes - This Mr Jess Perry filly already had four starts under her belt heading into this one, and she improves her record to 4-0-0 in five outs with a half-length win. Third victory today for the combo of Wood & Ramirez.





Trial 11, Day 1
Winner - Wagon Cash
Time - :21.320
Owner - Dream Walkin Farms, Inc.
Trainer - Paul C. Jones
Jockey - Cody Jensen
Breeder - Dream Walkin Farms, Inc. (OK)
Notes - Owned and bred by Dream Walkin Farms, Inc., Wagon Cash is now undefeated in three starts. Trainer Jones and jockey Jensen have done well together at Ruidoso this meet, winning 26% of their races together. This is Jensen's third win today.





Trial 10, Day 1
Winner - Coronado Cartel
Time - :21.385
Owner - Reliance Ranches, LLC
Trainer - Eddie D. Willis
Jockey - Jimmy D. Brooks
Breeder - Weetona Stanley/William Smith (OK)
Notes - Coronado Cartel continues a strong freshman year, winning his fourth in five starts. The colt's biggest paycheck was earned in his Remington Park Oklahoma-bred Futurity win.





Trial 9, Day 1
Winner - J Bar
Time - :21.476
Owner - Jerry Windham
Trainer - Michael W. Joiner
Jockey - G.R. Carter, Jr.
Breeder - Jerry Windham (TX)
Notes - J Bar is a Jess Zoomin gelding out of Jubilee Diamond by Runaway Winner. This is jockey Carter's second win today.





Trial 8, Day 1
Winner - Hes Relentless
Time - :21.148
Owner - R. D. Hubbard, Tom Maher and Johnny D. Cope
Trainer - Amber Blair
Jockey - Cody Smith
Breeder - Sunflower Supply Co. (MO)
Notes - Another One Famous Eagle colt makes his way to the winner's circle in this year's All American trials (the first was This Dude Can Fly in the third). With this win, Hes Relentless becomes the new time trial leader on day one.





Trial 7, Day 1
Winner - Jess Found Joy
Time - :21.656
Owner - Turner Farms and Tommie Turner
Trainer - G. Blane Wood
Jockey - Ricky Ramirez
Breeder - MacKie Racing, LLC (OK)
Notes - The second win of the day for jockey Ramirez, who paired up with trainer Wood for his win in the second race, too. Jess Found Joy is a Mr Jess Perry filly out of Endless Delight by Royal Quick Dash.





Trial 6, Day 1
Winner - Runaway Jester
Time - :21.560
Owner - Gaye and Shawn Frye
Trainer - Eddie D. Willis
Jockey - David Pinon
Breeder - Joe Kirk and/or Merle Fulton (TX)
Notes - This was the colt's first win in three starts, with previous second- and fourth-place finishes coming at Ruidoso. Technically the highest-class horse in the race (but not by much), Runaway Jester went off as the third-favorite at 9-to-2.





Trial 5, Day 1
Winner - You N How Many More
Time - :21.267
Owner - KH Logax, Inc.
Trainer - Juan Gonzalez
Jockey - Jaime Leos
Breeder - KH Logax, Inc. (OK)
Notes -This was Jaime Leos' fourth trip aboard the Chicks Regard gelding. The win brings the horse's lifetime record to 3-1-0. The second-place finish was by a nose to Cartel Quick in the Ruidoso Futurity (G1).





Trial 4, Day 1
- One Slick Cartel
Time - :21.647
Owner - Jesus Garera Garcia
Trainer - Juan Aleman
Jockey - G.R. Carter, Jr.
Breeder - Allred Bros. Ranch LLC (AZ)
Notes - Yet another undefeated horse winning its All American trial. One Slick Cartel is a Carters Cartel gelding out of the Dash For Cash mare One Slick Cookie.





Trial 3, Day 1
Winner - Fly Thru The Fire
Time - :21.267
Owner - R.D. Hubbard
Trainer - Paul C. Jones
Jockey - Cody Jensen
Breeder - Steve D. Burns, DVM (CA)
Notes - Fly Thru The Fire's only other race was a half-length win at Ruidoso in May. This is Cody Jensen's first time riding the colt.





Trial 2, Day 1
Winner - Especially Tres
Time - :21.191
Owner - Jim D. Pitts
Trainer - G. Blane Wood
Jockey - Ricky Ramirez
Breeder - Michael S. Partin (TX)
Notes - Now undefeated after four starts; two at Remington, two at Ruidoso. This filly won the Sam Houston Futurity in April.





Trial 1, Day 1
Winner - Houdini
Time - :21.233
Owner - Ellen Kennedy Living Trust
Trainer - Luis Villafranco
Jockey - Cody Jensen
Breeder - Ellen Kennedy Estate (OK)
Notes - This gelding was 3-1-0 in four lifetime starts going into this race, with two wins at Remington and one at Ruidoso.