RMTC Dermorphin Bulletin

RMTC provides more information regarding dermorphin.

June 20, 2012


The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium, which is comprised of 25 industry stakeholders, including AQHA and leading institutions in equine drug testing and research, is on the front lines of the ongoing battle to strengthen the integrity of racing. Since 2001, it has been the research component for the racing industry, providing science-supported medication policies, rules and guidance to racing's regulatory authorities on all aspects of drug testing, as well as serving as a clearinghouse for the analysis and identification of unknown substances that pose potential threats.

Due to enhanced testing, there has a been a recent rash of allegedly post-race positive tests for the potent pain-killer dermorphin. The RMTC has released a bulletin, including an informational fact sheet, on the drug.

Read the complete RMTC bulletin and fact sheet.