Oregon Regulates Clenbuterol

Oregon adopts limits on clenbuterol useage.

May 18, 2012


The Oregon Racing Commission has adopted an amendment to limit the medication clenbuterol to 2 picograms in blood of American Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds racing in Oregon.

This means an approximate withdrawal time of 30 days from use of the medication.

The rule was adopted as a temporary measure, and is effective for 180 days after filing, which will cover the entire racing season. The measure might be adopted permanently in the future.

This rule was supported by AQHA, who officially recommends a 30-day withdrawal time on the medication and threshold levels should be 200 pg/ml or less in urine and 1-2 pg/ml in blood.

“We applaud Oregon for taking this step in addressing this very serious issue,” said Trey Buck, AQHA executive director of racing. “Our industry must do everything we can to protect our horses, horsemen and fans. AQHA is committed to addressing all medications and illegal drugs that are harming our athletes and our industry. It is not just about clenbuterol or salix, but about what is best for the industry as a whole and the long term sustainability for everyone involved.”

To learn more about racing welfare and medication, visit the AQHA Racing Medication and Welfare Page.