Los Alamitos Continues Medication Crack Down

Los Alamitos continues hard-line stance on illegal drug use.

By Richard Chamberlain
Q-Racing Journal
September 5, 2012

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Los Alamitos Race Course is maintaining its hard-line stance against the illegal drugging of racehorses, track owner Dr. Ed Allred told the Q-Racing Journal this morning. According to Allred, horsemen found using illegal drugs such as dermorphin (“frog juice”), or illegally administering otherwise legal drugs such as clenbuterol, are not allowed to race – or for that matter, even set foot on the grounds – at Los Alamitos.

“I’m not going to run a place that we can’t control and, as best as we can, keep honest,” Allred said. “This is private property. It’s my track. Those people are not welcome here and we will not permit them to be here.”

Allred noted that Ruidoso Downs owner R.D. Hubbard has made strong statements concerning the illegal administration of Class 1 and Class 2 drugs in New Mexico. Ruidoso Downs, in a press release over the Labor Day weekend, announced that drug offenders will be booted from the track’s private property beginning in 2013 and quoted Hubbard as saying “the sign is out that drug offenders are not welcome at Ruidoso Downs Race Track and in New Mexico.”

“We’re in general agreement with Dee (Hubbard), except we are already doing it in our own style,” Allred said. “We don’t follow exactly the same regimen as Ruidoso, but it’s certainly the same philosophy. And we’ve been doing it for eight months. For the record, there are at least five people right now who are administratively denied access to the track and their stalls have been taken away, and that number probably will rise.

“Dee and I are in complete agreement on this,” said Allred, who noted that his track has maintained a similar policy since January of this year and in fact had banned trainers for drug infractions even before 2012. “We have to get these people out of our sport and out of our industry. And I’ll tell you this: They aren’t going to race at my track.”

AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. applauds the hard line drawn by Allred at one of the sport’s most prestigious racetracks.

“Dr. Allred has taken all alleged medication misuse very seriously, and has worked hard to make Los Alamitos a fair racing environment,” Treadway said. “We look forward to working with other racetracks to implement similar policies to the ones announced by Los Alamitos and Ruidoso Downs.”

AQHA works to support the integrity and welfare of the American Quarter Horse, and supports racing authorities in their efforts to clean up any illegal medication use. Read more about AQHA’s statement on medication use.