California Detects Tainted Feed

Some feed may have been contaminated with prohibited medication.

March 27, 2013

Generic Racing Photo

The California Horse Racing Board has concluded a number of sweet feed products containing a molasses base produced by Purina at their Turlock mill contain the prohibited drug zilpaterol.

Subsequently, the CHRB has dismissed 48 positive tests for zilpaterol, a feed supplement in cattle that is a beta-2 agonist used to promote weight gain. Zilpaterol is a Class 3 drug. 

Purina produces a number of sweet feed products under their own name and under the Country Acres brand. To date, all the products were milled at the Turlock plant in February and have included Purina Race Ready, Purina Strategy, Purina Omoline-200, Country Acres Horse Feed and Country Acres Sweet-12.

The Turlock plant is designated TRL on the lot number.

If any licensed trainer or feed company has an unopened bag of any Purina brand from mid-February milled at their Turlock plant, please contact their local CHRB investigator.

For more information on reading the feed label, see this CHRB advisory.