Racing Welfare and Medication

The American Quarter Horse Association believes that the welfare of the American Quarter Horse is of paramount importance.


Racing Suspensions by AQHA

Multiple Medication Violation System

AQHA's Multiple Medication Violation System

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Regulatory Rulings

The Jockey Club manages the Thoroughbred Regulatory Rulings, which allows users to search through a database of most regulatory rulings, including those for Quarter Horses. Click the logo below to log in. Please be sure to select “Quarter Horse” in the “BREED” space to assist with your search.

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American Association of Equine Practitioners Quarter Horse Racing White Paper

AAEP Clinical Guidelines for Veterinarians Practicing in a Pari-Mutuel Environment

Hair Testing (December 2014)

Use Caution With Compounding (September 2014)

Medication Update (March 2014)

News Stories 

Progress Toward Uniform Medication Policy (July 2015)

ARCI Medication Document Updates (May 2015)

RCI: New Paradigm for Drug Violators (May 2015)

Onatario: Zero Tolerance on Clenbuterol (May 2015)

Racing Welfare Information (May 2015)

AQHA Welfare Statement (May 2015)

RCI Elects New Directors (April 2015)

Cobalt Limits Adopted by Regulators (April 2015)

Louisiana Trainer Dermorphin Rulings (April 2015)

California Court Upholds Los Al House Rule (April 2015)

RCI: Agencies Teaming up on Integrity (March 2015)

RMTC Board Approves Cobalt Threshold (March 2015)

RCI Poised to Ban Cobalt (March 2015)

NM Senate Passes Drug Testing Bill (March 2015)

Oklahoma Prohibits Clenbuterol (January 2015)

Medication Forum on January 23 (January 2015)

Regulators to Tighten Rules on Compound Meds (January 2015)

AQHA Announces Zero-Tolerance Policy on Clenbuterol (December 2014)

Los Alamitos Releases 2 Million Test Results (December 2014)

Los Alamitos Statement on Super Derby (December 2014)

Louisiana Dermorphin Rulings Upheld (December 2014)

National Medication Reform Makes Progress (December 2014)

Trainer Muela Suspended (December 2014)

De La Torre Suspended (December 2014)

Los Alamitos Cancels Champion of Champions (November 2014)

Golden State Futurity to be Run as Non-Wagering Event (October 2014)

RMTC Advances Lab Uniformity (October 2014)

Racing Free Creates Integrity Fund (October 2014)

Racing Free Changes (September 2014)

Arkansas Adopts National Uniform Medication Policy (September 2014)

RCI Tightens NSAID Stacking Rule (August 2014)

Industry Considers Cobalt (August 2014)

Los Al Receives Safety Accreditation
(July 2014)

Global Intelligence Service Launched (June 2014)

Arapahoe Launches Med-Free Incentive (June 2014)

Multiple Medication Violation System (June 2014)

RMTC Accredits Three More Labs (May 2014)

RCI Adopts Model Rule Changes (April 2014)

ND Horse Park Hosts Racing Officials Accreditation Program (April 2014)

RCI Discusses Compounding (April 2014)

Racing Officials Accreditation Program Meets (April 2014)

Stinebaugh Sanctions Delayed (March 2014)

Stinebaugh Responds to Suspension (March 2014)

Racing Free Encourages: Be Proactive (February 2014)

NM Passes Bill Backing Tracks (February 2014)

Racing Free Needs Your Support (February 2014)

NM Proposes Tougher Penalties (February 2014)

De La Torre Temporary Restraining Order Denied (January 2014)

AQHA's Integrity and Welfare Commitment (January 2014)

De La Torre Reportedly Banned From Los Al (December 2013)

Racing Free Adds Incentives (December 2013)

Texas Compounder Draws Scrutiny (November 2013)

RCI Toughens Multiple Medication Violation Penalties (July 2013)

No Banned Medication Found in Ruidoso Futurity Winner (July 2013)

RMTC Approves Multiple Violation Penalty Rule (July 2013)

Blog: What Do You Think? (July 2013)

RMTC on Purple Pain and TB-500 (July 2013)

RMTC Accredits First Two Labs (June 2013)

Ruidoso to Host Racing Free Day (June 2013)

Medication Reforms Continue Progress (June 2013)

Texas A&M Lab Seeks Further Accreditation (May 2013)

New Mexico Boosts Fines, Testing Funding (April 2013)

RCI Approves Uniform Threshold Policy (April 2013)