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The American Quarter Horse Journal January 2012

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Our monthly flagship publication made its debut in September 1948. It is the first official publication of the American Quarter Horse Association and has more than 40,000 paid subscribers. The Journal promotes breeding, raising and training American Quarter Horses for show, performance and ranching activities. Its mission is also to chronicle AQHA sponsored activities and convey to readers the Association’s policies and standards for both the breed and the industry. Topics covered in the Journal include: halter; Rail and Pattern; Reining, Cutting and Cowhorse; Ranching, Rodeo and Ropes; Q-Racing; and General AQHA News.

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November 2010 America's Horse Magazine

America's Horse

This AQHA membership magazine began in 1998 to inform, educate and entertain those who love and use American Quarter Horses. Published 10 times per year, it features basic horse training and health, lifestyles of horses and horse owners and human interest stories in a captivating, easy-to-read style.

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A vast and comprehensive website, AQHA.com provides boundless information to AQHA members and other interested parties about AQHA programs, competitions, horse and people records and opportunities for members to enjoy their horses. High impressions and low prices are trademarks of advertising on this exhaustive site that is definitely the leader in the American Quarter Horse industry.


America’s Horse Daily is AQHA’s blog-style website more than 70,000 unique visitors each month. Daily is updated each work day with a variety of hot topics including horse health, horseback riding, horse training, horse showing, horse breeding and horse racing. This interactive site also offers Ask an Expert, entertaining blogs and a customer service representative ready to take your questions about AQHA products and services.

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America's Horse Weekly E-newsletter

Don’t miss America’s Horse Weekly e-newsletter. With 120,000 subscribers who share a passion for horses, Weekly is an official AQHA news provider. It’s packed with news about AQHA programs, racing, shows, trail rides, clinics, awards, contests, AQHA Corporate Partner offers and much more.

America's Horse Daily E-newsletter Network

Complementary to the America's Horse Daily website, Daily’s five e-newsletters listed below are sent once a week to a highly targeted and rapidly growing list of subscribers.

Horseback Riding | Horse Training | Horse Showing | Horse Health | Horse Breeding

Each e-newsletter is targeted toward novice horse enthusiasts. Take advantage of all five audiences, or target your message toward a specific topic. Daily’s growing readership will give you the inside track to swaying the minds of new and impressionable horse owners.

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