Get Ready for Winter

Watch this week’s AQHA Video highlighting the winterization of horses.

The American Quarter Horse Association
October 3, 2013

AQHA Video

Watch this week’s AQHA Video highlighting the winterization of horses.

AQHA Video offers something for everyone’s interests. From the professional horseman to the casual trail rider, AQHA Video provides you with six video channels focused on the most popular American Quarter Horse subjects.

This week’s AQHA Video highlights the health involved in winterizing your horse, guides you through armchair judging of roping and cattle events and takes you for a tour of an AQHA Best Remuda Award winning ranch, Lacey Livestock.  

Winterizing your horse
The seasons are changing and that means preparing your horse for cooler weather. Dr. Matt Randall explains how body condition, parasite control, vaccinations and shelter go hand-in-hand in the winterization of your horse. Visit the Health Channel, sponsored by Zoetis.

Judge This – Armchair judging of roping and cutting events
Let AQHA Professional Horsemen be your guides for a little armchair judging of some AQHA World Show roping and cutting runs featuring top performers. Do you know how they scored? Visit the Events Channel, sponsored by Bank of America.

Lacey Livestock
Lacey Livestock is the first California ranch to have earned the AQHA Best Remuda Award. Situated 100 miles north of Los Angeles in the upper reaches of the Mojave Desert, the Lacey family knows first hand about battling the elements and carving out a living in hard conditions. Learn more about this long-standing ranching operation and meet John Lacey who will be inducted into the 2013 National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Hall of Great Westerners. Visit the Ranches Channel.

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