Welfare Code of Practice

The American Horse Council is encouraging organizations that have not yet signed the AHC Welfare Code of Practice to do so.

The American Horse Council
July 3, 2013

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The American Horse Council urges all organizations to sign the AHC Welfare Code of Practice.

With the continued emphasis on welfare issues in Congress, the media and in public discourse, the American Horse Council is asking all organizations to sign the AHC Welfare Code of Practice.
The AHC Welfare Code of Practice outlines in generic terms what it means to be an organization that is committed to the responsible breeding, training, care, use, enjoyment, transport and retirement of horses.

Many associations have undertaken studies, reviews and initiatives that show their commitment to the welfare of their horses to the public at large. Signing on to the AHC code is another indication of that commitment.
The code is not intended to replace or pre-empt any activities, rules or regulations specific to any segment of the industry. It is hoped that the endorsement of a broad, more generic Welfare Code by as many organizations as possible will be another indication to the public, the media, federal and state officials and the horse community that the equine industry "puts the horse first."
Twenty-eight organizations have endorsed the AHC Equine Welfare Code of Practice.  To learn more about the AHC Welfare Code of Practice, visit www.horsecouncil.org.