My Days with Kit

Watch this week’s AQHA Video highlighting My Days with Kit.

The American Quarter Horse Association
August 16, 2013

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This week’s AQHA Video takes a look into TRR A Stylish Kit‘s preparation for her first show, discusses vesicular stomatitis, highlights the life of AQHA Past Director Joe Kirk Fulton and gives a lesson in horsemanship fundamentals.

My Days with Kit – Practice makes perfect
Time is drawing near for Kit, also known as TRR A Stylish Kit, to be shown for the first time. Renee, her young trainer, is hard at work practicing with the Tongue River-bred filly for her show debut. Visit the Ranches Channel.

Vesicular Stomatitis
Vesicular stomatitis is a viral infection that can affect horses, cattle and other livestock. Signs of the disease include blister-like lesions in the mouth, tongue, nose and even the coronary band just above the horse’s hoof. Learn more about the origins of this disease and treatment options. Visit the Health Channel sponsored by Zoetis.

Joe Kirk Fulton
Industry leader Joe Kirk Fulton passed away August 1 at age 81. He was involved with the American Quarter Horse industry as an owner, breeder and competitor for more than 50 years. Fulton was an AQHA Director and served on several AQHA committees; bred American Quarter Horse Hall of Famer Peppy San Badger; was the third all-time leading breeder of racing American Quarter Horses; and inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 2011. Visit the Horses & People Channel, sponsored by John Deere.

Fundamentals of Horsemanship – Getting your horse’s attention
There’s an old saying, “It’s better to have two eyes on you than two heels.” This lesson from AQHA’s Fundamentals of Horsemanship, teaches you how to control your horse’s hindquarters and get his attention. Visit the How-To Channel, sponsored by Tractor Supply.

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