Randy Friemel

Randy Friemel is a Texas native and full-time artist.  These two seem to go hand in hand, and growing up in Texas means growing up around a Quarter Horse or two.

Randy believes that capturing a horse's personality requires a good eye and possibly a carrot or two. But mostly it requires studying the movements of real horses to understand how they move and what they really look like.

This coupled with a love for the animal will result in a decent rendering, that might just be worthy of Aunt Minnie's approval and maybe even a place in the county fair.

Randy insists that friend and mentor, Jack Sorenson, is the Quarter Horse expert.  He only hopes to be as accomplished at rendering a horse, as Jack is at being a comedian, because he knows it takes many years to reach such a high level of art.

Working from a home studio in Hereford, Texas, Randy has access to cattle and cowboys on any given day—an endless source of inspiration.

"It is a great honor to be in the AQHA Museum show, and an artist in the wide open plains of Texas."

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