Funded Grants

"It's only research until it saves the life of one of your horses..."

Since 1960, the American Quarter Horse Association and American Quarter Horse Foundation have been dedicated to help our horses overcome the problems and limitations that defy current scientific understanding. Since that time, the Foundation, thanks in large part to our generous members, has awarded more than $9.7 million in research grants to colleges and universities across the country.

With the complexity and rising cost of research, additional financial support is needed for the healing, curing and well-being of the American Quarter Horse.

Current Research

2014-2015 Approved Research Projects
2013-2014 Approved Research Projects

2012-2013 Approved Research Projects
2011-2012 Approved Research Projects

Young Investigator Award
Specialized grant funding is available for MS and PhD level graduate students or DVM/VMD level residency interns. Investigators should be graduate or residency students who are currently enrolled in a graduate sciences program. Research performed should be monitored by a graduate level advisor, major professor or senior faculty PhD or DVM/VMD mentor.

Refrigerator Fund for Equine Head Trauma
Targeted research directed at prevention, treatment, diagnostics and hospitalization or prognosis is desired, including evaluation, comparison, management and historical or retrospective analysis. This fund was created in memory of the award-winning racing horse "Refrigerator" who passed due to complications of a head trauma injury. Special consideration will be given to research projects with a collaborative approach between departments and or institutions.

Equine Drug Testing
In order to identify varying pharmaceutical agents, hormones, nutrients and or toxins administered for the purpose of performance enhancement, research in the areas of pharmacology, toxicology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and related testing procedures are being solicited by AQHA and the Foundation.

For more information on the American Quarter Horse Foundation’s equine research program, please contact us at:

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