Database Upgrade FAQ

AQHA’s online member services area is unavailable.

The AQHA office is undergoing an overhaul of the database and its associated systems to improve online member services.

AQHA’s online member services area is not available during the upgrade process.

We encourage you to call AQHA Customer Service at (806) 376-4811 with your business needs.

Read the latest news release on the database upgrade.

The upgrade process takes considerable time, and we are working hard to make sure the system functions correctly and will provide exceptional service to our members.

We appreciate your patience during this time. We will do our best to keep you updated on our progress.

AQHA members receive $20 in free online records research. Learn more.

As AQHA converts the old system to the new, members might experience an increased hold time when calling the office, and it may take a bit longer for a representative to answer questions. We anticipate the delays members may experience during the upgrade will subside as the transition is completed. Again, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you through our Database Upgrade process.

Database Upgrade FAQs

What online services are unavailable?

During the upgrade process, all online services are unavailable, including:

  • Renewing a membership online
  • Joining AQHA online
  • Purchasing or renewing a subscription to The American Quarter Horse Journal online
  • Submitting stallion breeding reports online
  • Registering a foal online

Online services will resume when the update is complete, with a few enhancements. 

How will I conduct my regular AQHA business during the database upgrade?

You may call into the office during the upgrade period. We won't be able to complete your work, however we will be able to take your information so we can complete the work as soon as our systems are operational. If your situation is an emergency, please let us know so we can do everything we can to help you. You can reach AQHA Customer Services during normal business hours at (806) 376-4811.

Can I still do online horse research?

Yes. AQHA understands records research is important and would like to allow members access to the old records system to continue research during the upgrade.

AQHA is offering all members a $20 credit to conduct records research.

Log in to take advantage of the $20 in complimentary records research. This access is available to current AQHA members only. Member ID and PIN are required to log in

What is happening to my $10 in complimentary records research?

Records Research will continue to be a benefit of your AQHA membership. The current benefit is being restructured, not taken away. Promotion codes will be available each month, to each AQHA member, to use to purchase records. The promotion code will be listed in the Member Services section of www.aqha.com. For example: If the promotion code for March is a $10 discount on your total purchase and your purchase is equal to or less than $10, you will not owe anything at checkout. If you do not use the full $10 on your purchase, there will not be a credit of the difference to use later. However, promotions will vary every month, and AQHA will continue to develop promotions to allow members to get the most for their records research benefits. The next month, a new promotion code will be available. Some months, multiple promotions will be provided that are equal to a total of $10 or more for you to use toward your purchases. For example: AQHA may provide you three $3 promotions and one $1 promotion (to total $10) to use as you wish during that month.

This decision was not a simple one and was well-researched and designed with intention as part of the system upgrade. Because the majority of AQHA members were not, in fact, using their complimentary $10 in internet records each month, the new promotion system is designed to allow for more options for records research by members.

In the new system, you will also be able to enter a credit card and use it each time you do business on www.aqha.com.

During this down time, members are encouraged to call AQHA Customer Service at (806) 376-4811 for all horse related research and questions.

I have funds in my online records account. What happens to them?

If there are funds you have placed in your records account, you can request them to be refunded or held on your account to do other AQHA business.

How do I log my Horseback Riding Program hours?

You can either fax your log sheet to AQHA at (806) 349-6403 or submit your hours when our system is up and running.

How long will it take to receive my Incentive Fund check?

Payouts will be delayed.


If members have any further questions, please contact AQHA’s Customer Service department using the contact form or by calling (806) 376-4811.