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Unleash your child's imagination. Get them on the back of a horse!

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We're dedicated to impacting the lives of horse-interested young people through engaging family experiences, educational activities, healthy competition and quality leadership opportunities that ultimately foster a positive, lifelong relationship with horses.

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Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Horses are regularly related to exercising, healthy living and rehabilitation. We provide fun ways for parents to offer exercise and positive horse activities for their kids. Check out AQHA's Healthy Living Commitment to Families



Horses inspire, mesmerize and motivate children, making learning fun while developing positive social skills along the way.
Learn about AQHA's Educational Commitment to Families

Youth Development

Youth Development

The American Quarter Horse Youth Association is awesome! We foster kids' passion for horses through healthy competition, leadership opportunities and scholarships. Join AQHA's Youth Development Commitment to Families

Donate to Our Programs

Thank you for supporting AQHA's efforts to build new horse-based programs that enhance the lives of children and families. Together we can build a healthy, lifelong relationship horseback through unique experiences, educational tools and opportunities that foster a positive, lifelong relationship with horses.

When you donate to our youth programs, you support:

  • Innovative family experiences
  • Educational efforts, both in and out of the classroom
  • Youth development efforts of the American Quarter Horse Youth Association
  • Scholarship options for students and educators.

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