2015 AQHYA World Show

July 31-August 8, 2015
Oklahoma City

2012 Youth World

Western Pleasure

Cody Parrish and All The Sudden finish at the head of a tough western pleasure class.

Cody Parrish, 17, of Pavo, Georgia, and All The Sudden won their first youth world championship August 9 in a tough western pleasure class, topping 116 entries for the coveted title. Cody has finished in the top 10 in the class three times previously; in 2011, he was eighth with All The Sudden.

The win “felt amazing,” Cody told the Journal in his Winning Run interview. “We’ve been waiting on this one for a long time. It felt good to be able to do it. I love my horse. He was so good; I couldn’t have asked for a better ride; I was very happy.”

The two earned three firsts and two seconds under the five Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show judges.

All The Sudden, aka “Martin,” is a 5-year-old son of RL Best Of Sudden that Cody’s parents, AQHA Professional Horseman Bret and Candy Parrish, bought as a weanling. Bret won the first Reichert Celebration 2-Year-Old Western Pleasure Challenge in 2004 with RL Best Of Sudden.

“(Martin has) always been the best-minded horse you could ask for,” Cody said. “He wants to please you and do everything he can for you. Today, he gave me everything he had; he was amazing for me. (He is) just a big puppy dog; the coolest horse.”

All Cody was thinking of coming into the finals was to do his best and have a good ride, “and whatever happened, happened. It worked out and I’m extremely, extremely happy.”

“He’ll probably go home (now) and get turned out for a little while,” Cody added. “He deserves a break, I’ll tell you that. (He’ll) just go chill and then (we’ll) get him out and get him ready for next year again, I guess.”

Cody said it’s rare to find him not doing something with horses every day – he rides daily unless he’s at school or football practice.

“(I like) to see the horses’ progression,” he said. “I like the younger horses; we do a lot of futurities and I like to see them move through their whole show career, from when you see them get broke all the way to a broke horse. It is fun watching that, seeing how they change and turn into the great show horses, like we have here.”

Cody thinks that a good-minded and happy horse is the real key to having a great show horse with a long career – and Martin is a great example of that.

“He’s so good-minded, you don’t really have to do anything,” Cody said. “He’s one of those that’ll be around forever and always be a great show horse. It’s the horse, really, it depends on the horse.”

At the top of the list of people he gives credit to for helping him to this win are his parents, Bret and Candy – “They’ve put as much or more work into this as I have” – and his grandparents, AQHA Professional Horsemen Dan and Darlene Trein.

“All of our clients, too, everyone who’s wished me luck and helped me to get here,” he added. “Everyone has been great to help me along the way.

2012 Built Ford Tough AQHYA Western Pleasure World Champions Cody Parrish and All The Sudden

Cody Parrish of Pavo, Georgia, and All The Sudden win the 2012 youth world championship in western pleasure. (Journal photo)