2015 AQHYA World Show

July 31-August 8, 2015
Oklahoma City

2012 Youth World

Team Penning

Jordan Byrd, Whitney Lynch and Danielle Goyer capture the team penning world championship.

As the 2012 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show drew to a close on August 11, a hard-working team of three girls captured the team penning world championship trophies: Jordan Byrd, 15, of Oklahoma City; Whitney Lynch, 18, of Whitesboro, Texas; and Danielle Goyer, 18, of Adair, Oklahoma.

For a group of team penners to complete a successful run in the arena, teamwork is key, and for these girls, it comes easy. Jordan, Whitney and Danielle have known each other for several years and been riding together for almost as long. The girls see each other just about every other weekend and practice together almost as often, which means they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the pen.

“We kinda decided that it was better if I stayed on the line (during the run),” Jordan explained. “I have pretty fast horses, and I’m kinda loud in the herd. (Danielle and Whitney) are both better in the herd and have quieter horses, so they know how to take care of the herd.”

It was a strategy that worked. During the finals, the girls competed against 14 other teams and became one of only three teams to successfully pen all three head of cattle in the allotted time.

“The run went really good,” said Whitney. “The cows weren’t as wild as we thought they’d be, and we just kinda took it slow and set them up how they’re supposed to be, and it worked.”

“We went in really smooth, did the basics and pulled it off,” Danielle said.

In their world championship ride, the girls rode their own horses. Jordan competed on Okie Neutral Zone, or “Dog,” a 1995 sorrel gelding by Okie Paul Quixote and out of Okies Little Sis by Doc Quixote. Whitney rode Little Lena Josy, or “Josy,” a 2004 sorrel mare by Smart Little Lena and out of Joann Freckles by Colonel Freckles. Danielle rode Demand Smooth Deals, aka “Missy,” a 2006 bay mare by Smooth As A Cat and out of Uno Missy Lena by Smart Little Uno.

While each of the girls’ horses is different, they all share a common brand: Jared Lesh Cowhorses. The girls also sported Jared’s brand on matching black button-down shirts during their ride.

“We ride for the brand,” Whitney said simply. “All of our horses have Jared Lesh’s brand. We bought all of our horses from Jared and we just always ride Jared horses. They’re top of the line.”

Without exception, the girls all expressed their gratitude to Jared Lesh and his wife, Sarah, for all their help in training their horses.

“I live with (Jared) and his wife,” said Whitney. “He helps me a lot. Every time I mess up or make a mistake or need help with a horse, he’s a lot of help – him and Sara.”

“I’d like to thank my grandpa, Tom Sparks, my mom, Allison Hutchins, and my nana, Sylvia Sparks,” Jordan said. “My grandpa got me where I am. I love him to death, and Jared and Sara have given me the best horses I could ever ask for.”

“I’d like to thank God, first of all,” Danielle said. “And my mom and dad for always hauling me, and Jared and Sara for helping me along.”

2012 Built Ford Tough AQHYA Team Penning World Champions

Whitney Lynch, Danielle Goyer and Jordan Byrd pose after winning the team penning world championship at the 2012 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show.