November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

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AQHA World Show attendees: Find the resources you need to have a successful and fun show.

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2015 Qualifying Handbook

Entry Proofreading List - this list contains all the entries that have been processed and completed.  

2015 Premium RV Space Reservation form

Weanling/Two-Yr-Old Western Pleasure Entry Form (if you want to enter one of these classes, you must include a signed release form)  The stall form is on the entry.
Release Form

Level 1 (Stakes) Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle Classes - Entry Form
Level 1 and OBE Stall Form
OBE (WCHA) Classes - Information
OBE (WCHA) Classes - Entry Form

Southern Belle Breeders
Classes are open to offspring of stallions that have sold in the 2015 Southern Belle Breeder’s Program. The Southern Belle Breeders’ classes will run concurrently with the AQHA World Show Classes that are listed on the entry form. Eligible horses may be viewed on the Ohio Quarter Horse's web page.

Entries must also be entered in the corresponding AQHA World Show Class to be eligible to enter the Southern Belle Breeder’s Class. Please send in a separate check for this entry, but you may send this entry in with other world show entries.

Qualifier Badges
If you are a qualifier, you’ve earned the right to brag – share this qualifier badge with your friends and family. Save the qualifier badge, then post it on social media to let everyone know you qualified for the AQHA World Show and use #AQHAWorldShow to promote your accomplishment.

Qualifier Plaque
Order your exclusive 2015 World Show Qualifier Plaque today!

 Qualifier Jacket
The 2015 Qualifiers Jackets are waiting for you! Order yours today!


Future World Show Dates
Check out the dates of the future AQHA World Shows, plus the Built Ford Tough AQHYA and Adequan Select world championship shows.

Qualifying Period
The qualifying period for the 2015 AQHA World Show is August 1, 2014 - July 31, 2015.

Qualifying Points
View the points required to qualify for the:

Level 2 Championship Classes
Learn more about the Level 2 championship classes new to the 2015 AQHA World Show and find out how to qualify to enter.

International Show lease

Badge Order Form

Amateur and open halter competitors (not including performance halter) can earn an invitation to the 2015 world shows by competing at a designated number of shows during the respective qualifying period. 

  • Amateur (Level 3 and Level 2): Show at 10 shows in a halter class. Shows will be counted by show numbers on a one-horse, one-exhibitor basis.
  • Open (Level 3 and Level 2): Show at 20 shows in a halter class. Shows will be counted by show numbers.  

Halter exhibitors will still be able to qualify to the world shows by earning the designated number of qualifying points, and qualifying in that manner only will appear on the horse’s permanent record.

Performance Halter: 
If a horse reaches the number of qualifying points required to show in performance halter and earns its performance Register of Merit during the qualifying period (August 1, 2014, through July 31, 2015 it will qualify to show in the performance halter at the 2015 World Show in that division (although showmanship points can count towards a performance ROM, they do NOT count towards qualifying for performance halter).  If a horse earned its performance ROM prior to the qualifying period, he/she will need an additional 10 riding points during the qualifying period in order to qualify for the 2015 World Show (in addition to earning the required number of qualifying points for performance halter). Only riding points earned in the open division can be used for qualification in the open division part of the World Show; however, open division points can cross over to count for amateur, Select amateur and/or youth performance halter qualification for their respective world shows (must be earned during those respective qualifying periods). Amateur, Select amateur and/or youth riding points can also cross over from each other. Showmanship points do not count.

State/Affiliate Invitees:

  • An Amateur invitation will be sent to the highest point-earning Level 3 horse/exhibitor combination that missed reaching the minimum number of points set by AQHA to qualify in each class from each state or province and has earned at least one-half of the minimum number of points set by AQHA to qualify (if the minimum number of points to qualify ends in .5, we will round that number down to the whole number and half that – example:  points needed to qualify in horsemanship is 14.5, we will round down to 14 and half that so that the invitee will need 7 pts to be invited).
  • Points must be earned during the qualifying period.
  • Points DO NOT have to be earned in the state the person resides in.  The points may be earned at any AQHA-approved show excluding Introductory/Novice classes or shows.
  • For classes to count toward all-around eligibility, the exhibitor/horse must have earned a national qualification in those classes.  A class entered as an invitee will NOT count toward all-around tabulation.
  • If the highest point-earning horse/exhibitor is tied, AQHA will invite all that are tied for first place in that class.
  • There will only be one invitation, or those that tied for first, per state or province per class, even if the recipient(s) chooses not to enter the show.
  • Those exhibitors earning a state/affiliate invitation will not be called a world show qualifier, neither will the horse’s record indicate he/she is a world show qualifier.

Trade Show Vendors

Prospective trade show vendors, please download this letter and application.

At the Show

Promote Your Accomplishments
You earned the trip to Oklahoma City, so tell the world about it through these media outlets.

Map of the Fairgrounds
Don't get lost at the AQHA World Show – download this map of Oklahoma State Fair Park.

Enjoy Oklahoma City
Get out on the town and enjoy all there is in Oklahoma City! The Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau is your online tour guide for the town.

Host Hotels


Many generous hotels in the Oklahoma City area partner with AQHA to provide excellent rates to guests of the AQHA World Show. We encourage you to stay at these hotels and support the hotels who support our show! Mention your affiliation with the AQHA World Show when you book your rooms. Get hotel rates.