November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Senior Pole Bending

Troy Priddy successfully continues a family tradition of pole bending with BW Tiny Jet.

Troy Priddy’s experience with pole bending began early on. In fact, his father won the very first amateur pole bending class at an AQHA world championship show.

“The first year they had amateur here, I won it. That was 1980,” Troy’s father, Layman, said. “(Troy) came back 12 years later, on the same horse, and won it again.”

And that AQHYA win was the start of a successful career for Troy. He’s taking home a gold trophy in senior pole bending from the 2012 AQHA World Championship Show.

“I spend a lot of time with a lot of bad horses,” Troy said of his training career in his Journal Winning Run interview. “I get some of those that people can’t get broke and it takes a lot of time; but you know, hey, if you’re gonna send 'em, they’ve gotta stay a while because it takes a long time.”

And his horse, BW Tiny Jet, is no exception to his history. The 2002 bay roan mare by Dinkys Tiny Jet and out of the Passingoeffertlessly mare BW Luvakrik, was one of the problem horses that Troy took on.

“When she was younger, the people who had her had problems and she had a little bit of a bad history,” he said. “I got lucky and managed to get my hands on her, and it took some time, but she made the horse I was looking for.

“The last two years in a row, she’s won the National Pole Bending Finals. (She was the) first horse to ever do that,” he said of “Katie’s” career so far. “She won her go around at the Congress sweepstakes this year, and she’s placed out of (the AQHA World Show) before. She was third last year.”

The wins mean even more to Troy because he’s on a horse that others said couldn’t be ridden.

“It makes it a lot more rewarding,” he said.

With all of her successes, Troy knew that the pair would have a nice run.

“The ground was pretty soft. You could really feel it in the turns, and I knew I just had to kind of sit still and let her work,” he said. “It played out pretty well for her, so you know, a lot of the game out here is try to keep them standing up underneath where they can run.”

“I felt that she made about the best run she could with what she had underneath of her,” he said.

Troy wanted to thank his father and his family for helping him achieve his world champion title. And after his 19.97-second run with Katie, he was very thankful for her, as well.

“She sure pays her way,” he said.

Troy E. Priddy and BW Tiny Jet

Troy Priddy and BW Tiny Jet race to the gold in senior pole bending. Journal photo.