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Aged Stallions

He’s no stranger.

Kids Cool Kid was led by Luke Castle to defend his aged stallions halter class November 17 at the 2011 AQHA World Championship Show.

“This is his fifth world title,” owner Brian Lane says. “So he’s no stranger to this, just me.”

Brian is from Canton, Georgia, and keeps his 2006 stallion with Jeff and Andy Staton of Hanson, Kentucky.

“Well, my son saw him out here his weanling year,” Jeff says. “And he called me on the phone. He said ‘Dad, I've seen a horse we really need. So we bought him for another customer. We turned around and won the worlds with him and sold him to Dr. Jensen who owns his daddy.”

“Kid” is by two-time AQHA world champion stallion, Kid Coolsified, and out of Deanda Tribute by Sierras Tribute.

“(Dr. Jensen) took him and showed him to promote his daddy and to promote him, too,” Jeff says. “He had three more world champions with him. And so Dr. Jensen, he’s a real nice guy and a real good horse person; he gave us the opportunity to get him back.”

Brian was able to travel to the 2011 All American Quarter Horse Congress to win his first Congress title with Kid.

“I actually went to the Congress and won the amateur,” Brian says. “That was my first Congress win. It’s awesome. He’s an awesome, awesome horse.”

What makes Kid so awesome that the Statons wanted him back in their barn?

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“He’s just an easy horse to show,” Brian says. “He’s not jumpy or anything. He’s easygoing, easy to set up. He’s just a nice, easy horse.”

“Beautiful,” Jeff describes Kid. “He’s real easy to fit, real easy to work with. He has been ridden. We pony him with another horse, to fit him, and he’s just unbelievable to work with. He’s real good in his stall, not bitin’ all the time, not kickin’ all the time. That’s why we wanted him back.”

Brian and the Statons have decided to stand Kid for breeding at Gumz’s Farm in Morganfield, Kentucky, this spring.

“After he breeds,” Brian says, “we’re actually going to put him back in the show pen as a rider, maybe in the ropin’ or the reining. He does both. I’ve got a good friend, Bill Springer, who’s going to play with him in some roping and see if we can get his performance (Register of Merit) on him. And bring him back and win that one.”

After a tough week in the Staton barn, winning this world title lifted many spirits. The Statons’ longtime clients, Keith and Rose Bode, lost their performance halter gelding, JST Topsail Skip, in a trailer accident earlier this week.

“We’ve won world championships before,” Jeff says, “but this horse here is very special to us. We had him as a baby. We sold him, got him back. We really like his breeding. Dr. Jensen had his daddy, Kid Coolsified, and really like his breeding a lot. We appreciate Dr. Jensen letting us have him back.”

Kids Cool Kid and AQHA Professional Horseman Luke Castle of Wayne, Oklahoma

Kids Cool Kid and AQHA Professional Horseman Luke Castle of Wayne, Oklahoma, won the aged stallions class during FedEx Open Week at the AQHA World Championship Show.