November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur 2-Year-Old Geldings

In a world of “Go Big or Go Home,” Frank Berris went “Big.”

A little over a year ago, Frank purchased Obviously OT from Becky Crider Durrett. The 2009 sorrel gelding (Obviously The One-Steel Roses by Sonnys Securitee) was fresh off a win at the All American Quarter Horse Congress when he joined the Berris herd.

Obviously OT, known around the barn as “Big,” was qualified in open yearling geldings for the 2010 AQHA World Championship Show. With AQHA Professional Horseman Ross Roark of Monahans, Texas, at the shank, Big went home with a third-place trophy.

“This year was our first year of showing. I qualified him at the Big A in Atlanta, Georgia, so Ross had to come over all the way from West Texas to Atlanta,” says Frank of Sparta, Michigan. “I won the Congress with him – he’s a great horse and now we won the world!”

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However, the win is bittersweet for Frank, who recently lost his father.

“He’s a good horse and I’m pretty happy about (the win). I lost my dad a couple months ago,” Frank says emotionally. “It’s kind of a sweet victory for me.

“He was helping me out,” Frank adds, shooting a glance upward.

But the week isn’t over for Frank – he’ll return to the Jim Norick Arena on Thursday with CK Mardi Gras in amateur performance halter mares, where the duo will defend their 2010 world championship.

Frank’s already looking ahead to Big’s 3-year-old year.

“He’s easy – anybody could show him. I don’t know if you saw him out there, but he never moved a muscle,” Franks says proudly. “All five judges were judging him and I never had to reset him once. He’s showy.

“He’s a great horse. He really is. Like I said, he’s so easy and he’s got a lot of come to him. He’s going to be better. Like I said, he’s just a 2-year-old and you see how big he is,” Franks says. “He’s going to get better every year.”

Aside from Big, his wife Lynn and trainer Ross, Frank has one more person to thank for the win.

“My dad,” he laughs, looking up to the rafters of the Super Barn. “Thanks, Dad!”

Obviously OT and Frank G. Berris

Frank Berris of Sparta, Michigan, led Obviously OT to the world championship in amateur 2-year-old geldings. (Journal photo).