November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

2-Year-Old Geldings

Its My Day Off works to win world championship.

One week after winning a world championship in amateur 2-year-old geldings, Vernon Habighorst of Phoenix was still pretty excited.

On November 18, he became even more excited when Its My Day Off won the open 2-year-old gelding world championship with AQHA Professional Horseman Ted Turner Jr. at the shank.

“He is a nice horse,” Vernon said. “He was world champion in 2-year-old amateur and was reserve champion at the Congress. Not much else I can say except I’m happy as heck.”

The placings in the individual judges’ lineups in the 2-year-old class at the World Show showed movement in the top five horses, with the reserve championship finally going to One Tuff Mr, owned by Marcus Daniels of Roseboro, North Carolina, and shown by Gene Parker of Orrum, North Carolina.

“It was (tense). But I was hoping,” Vern said. “You know you always hope. You cross your fingers.”

That hope paid off as “Terry” was named the world champion.

“We bought him from Terry Bradshaw, so we call him ‘Terry’,” Vern said. “Whoever we bought the horse from, that’s what we call them for their barn name.”

After the World Show, Terry gets a little bench time.

“And maybe we’ll go to the Sun Circuit.”


2010 AQHA World Championship Show

Its My Day Off and Ted Turner Jr.