November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Junior Hunter Under Saddle

He's a cruiser.

“To sit on him at the canter is like sitting on a cloud,” Karen Lobb said of her gelding, Blended Choclate. “You just sit back … and you just make sure he’s out where somebody can see him, and it just feels so neat.”

“He’s a cruiser,” added AQHA Professional Horseman Stacy Huls of Phoenix. The American Quarter Horse Journal spoke with both women shortly after Stacy rode out of the Jim Norick Arena after winning the junior hunter under saddle world championship with the gelding they call “Ben.”

“It was a great ride,” Stacy said. “He just goes in, does his job, he’s so dependable, looking right through that bridle for me. Everything I ask, (he was) just right there 100 percent. It was fun!”

The 2008 junior hunter under saddle world champion, Ben belonged to Kim Wright, another customer of Stacy’s and her husband, Doug’s. Kim decided to sell the horse this past summer. Doug met Karen (Lobb) through a clinic, and she ended up with Ben.

Since then, Karen’s daughter, Danielle, placed third on Ben in the hunter under saddle at the 2010 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show, and Karen won with him at the All American Quarter Horse Congress showing Select. He also did well at the Reichert Celebration.

“I thought Stacy did a wonderful job today,” Karen said. “It was, I think, the best ride I’ve ever seen with her and Ben. He’s such a beautiful horse; he’s so nice to ride…. I was really proud of both of them.”

From Edmonton, Alberta, Karen had many people sending their long-distance best-wishes.

“I want to thank everyone back home (in Canada) because they’ve been very supportive.… We’ve got lots of new friends that we’ve made over the years (down) here, but it’s so cool to get all the text messages and calls from everyone back home.”

Stacy added: “I have to go back and thank Kim, the original owner…. I have to thank her for having the faith in us to buy him in the first place. And I have to thank my husband.… Everybody’s been very supportive. It’s been a great ride.”

Junior Hunter Under Saddle

AQHA Professional Horseman Stacy Huls and Blended Choclate