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Elegant Dimensions leaps her way to championship.

Four horses had clean rounds in the finals of open jumping at the 2010 AQHA World Championship Show and returned for the jump-off November 13. Elegant Dimensions was one of them.

Megan O’Brien of Waukee, Iowa, had been nervous before the first round, but she was ready for the final on Elegant Dimensions, owned by Meredith van Benthuysen of Granger, Iowa. The 11-year-old black mare was listening well, and Megan was confident.

“She loves jump-offs,” Megan revealed to the Journal. “She loves to turn and run, and that’s what she did. We’ve been really on, and she schooled really well at home. It felt really good with her, so I thought she was going to listen and do awesome. So she did!”

Not only was “Ellie’s” jump-off clean, she completed the pattern in a speedy 40.751-second time, winning her first open world championship. The mare by Three Dimension Zip was the amateur jumping world champion in 2009.

“Meredith has had her since she was 3, and she was actually a western pleasure horse before this career, and she just decided she wanted to be a jumper,” Megan said. “We started her in hunters, and she didn’t like hunters and she wanted to jump big and we let her. She chose it.”

Ellie had a good warm-up and was ready for a course that challenged several competitors. None of those fences really worried Megan.

“She did very good in the warm-up,” she said. “It’s good for her to get in the ring (in the amateur), but she’s the kind of horse who doesn’t care. She’s just awesome wherever.”

Meredith and Megan plan to continue pampering Ellie, who was fifth in the amateur class with Meredith this year, as they consider some grand prix jumping events for 2011.

“She’s a princess,” Megan said. “She does what she wants and that’s her. But we love her for it and let her be that way. She loves SweeTarts, licorice, peppermints, granola bars. She’s a spoiled girl.”

Megan and Meredith are also considering a change of pace for the mare.

“We’re going to try next year to do some barrels and poles. We’ll see how that goes. It’ll be a fun change for her.”

2010 AQHA World Championship Show

Elegant Dimensions and Megan O'Brien