November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Tie-Down Roping

Allen Hartness and Zan Dozan are more than good enough to win gold.

Allen Hartness’ wife, Katie, convinced him to try roping at AQHA shows. So, in 2009, he qualified her horse, Jack Meister, to the AQHA World Championship Show in breakaway roping. They won the world championship.

“After we won, I sat there and watched the tie-down,” Allen said.

Allen thought he just might try the tie-down on a horse he owned named Zan Dozan, but the horse’s papers had been lost. He got the papers replaced, went to a few shows and ended up getting qualified for the 2010 World Show.

He thought he might have a horse “good enough to come and place.” But when he ended up with the top score coming out of the prelims November 9, he thought “maybe I could win.” And that he did, earning a 214 in the finals.

“My wife and I both, we work hard at it,” Allen said. “We exercise him every day and keep him in shape the last two or three months, because it’s a big deal. I’m 47 years old and there are not many people who are 47 and won the world championship.”

Allen drives a truck for a living, and Katie works at a vet clinic.

“I’ve got to be at work in the morning,” he noted. “We’re not much on vacations, we go to rodeos and horse shows on the weekends and things … that is our vacation. This is what she and I both love to do.”

“I’m just so tickled for him that he won it in the tie-down this year,” Katie said. “Since he won it last year in the breakaway, and the tie-down is a little different. It’s not just on the time, it’s on how well your horse shows and how well you perform.”

“This is a challenge,” Allen said. “People have done this for years and we’ve only done this a couple of years. I showed when I was younger, but never here. I give all the credit to (Katie) for pushing me along.”

2010 AQHA World Championship Show Amateur Tie-Down Roping World Champion Allen Hartness and Zan Dozan

Allen Hartness and Zan Dozan