November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Dally Team Roping - Heeling

A first world championship for Bryce and Blizzard.

“We call him ‘Blizzard,’” said Bryce Ward of his 2003 gray gelding with the frost-bitten ears named Seven S Too Cold. Blizzard comes from the R. T. Stuart Ranch of Waurika, Oklahoma, an AQHA Bayer Best Remuda award winner.

And November 10, Blizzard lived up to his legendary birthplace, carrying Bryce to the 2010 amateur heeling world championship.

“I’ve had him three years now, and every year just keeps getting better,” Bryce said. “We’ve always rode Stuart Ranch horses – excellent horses. I was very lucky to get this one, get him found … I’ve gotten along great with him so far. (We have) a lot more years to go, I hope so.”

With AQHA Professional Horseman Steve Orth heading for him, Bryce and Blizzard were 11th in the go. They came out of the prelims with a 214.

“You know, (I wanted to) just go make a good, clean run; get the steer,” Bryce said. “I knew my horse could do the rest. I was just kind of relying on myself to go catch.”

It ended up the world championship go with a 219.

“It’s amazing; I’ve been working hard for it,” Bryce said. “It’s indescribable I don’t think it’s sunk in just quite yet. I’m glad to be here.”

Bryce has been riding since he “could walk,” and he grew up going to horse shows with his family. His dad, Ronnie, was the 2009 Select reserve world champion in heeling. Bryce gave roping a break while he was in high school and then picked it back up in college.

“I’ve roped with Steve (Orth) for quite a while,” Bryce said. “I live right here in Oklahoma City, and he’s a short drive to Guthrie away; it makes it pretty convenient to go practice.

He continued, “I’m a land man for Chesapeake Energy here in Oklahoma City. Time is limited when I do get to go rope, but I definitely try to make that a priority in my life.”

Before he headed out to celebrate, Bryce wanted to make sure to thank a few people: “A big thanks to Steve Orth, my parents, of course, God, and Terry Stuart (of the Stuart Ranch), we wouldn’t be here without her.”

2010 AQHA World Championship Show Amateur Heeling world champions Bryce Ward and Seven S Too Cold

Bryce Ward and Seven S Too Cold take their victory lap.