November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Yearling Stallions

Hes So That proves to be ‘all that’ at Susan Drawdy’s first AQHA World Championship Show.

This was Susan Drawdy’s first trip to the AQHA World Championship show. So far, she’s one for one on wins. Susan led Hes So That to the championship in amateur yearling stallions.

“It’s phenomenal,” Susan said of her win. “I can’t even begin to describe it!”

Susan and her husband Phil are retired, and do most of their halter fitting personally. “I told my husband, ‘You know, I would like to do this before I die. And (He’s So That) came along, and he was just a blessing!”

The couple, who hail from Fort Pierce, Florida, owned Shes So That, the stallion’s dam.

“She was an RH Imprinted baby, and we sold her to a guy who bred her," Susan said. "This is the mare’s first baby. We bought him last year.”

After a bad experience at the 2010 All American Quarter Horse Congress, Susan was eager to wipe the slate clean.

“We’ve worked with him and he’s come around. (He) understands me now and I understand him. So it worked out good today!”

That doesn’t mean Susan wasn’t at least a little anxious.

“I was as nervous as you could possibly imagine!” Susan laughed. “I really didn’t want to go out there! But it worked out fine!”

The Drawdys plan to wait until the colt is 3 to breed him. Until then, Susan and Hes So That will be returning to the show pen.

Susan received help from Mitch Leonarski, who spent time conditioning the horse prior to his World Show appearance. She also thanks Gene Parker, “who has been gracious enough to put (Hes So That) in stalls up here for us. They’ve been wonderful people, and it’s been nice.”

Watch for Hes So That and Gene Parker, who will show in open yearling stallions November 19.

Susan was full of praise for her sorrel stallion: “For me, he’s everything I ever wanted.”

AQHA World Championship Show Amateur Yearling Stallion world champion Hes So That and Susan Drawdy

Hes So That and Susan Drawdy