November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Working Hunter

Adelaide Moncrief and Steady Spirit continue their winning ways.

A five-year partnership continued to pay off November 12 for Adelaide Moncrief and Steady Spirit.

The 1996 bay gelding earned his second amateur world championship with Adelaide, this one in working hunter at the 2010 AQHA World Championship Show.

“I knew it was a good go, but I didn’t watch any of the others, and I heard there were a lot of good runs,” Adelaide told the Journal after her win. “I didn’t expect (the world championship), but I knew I had done the best I could. I was real excited.”

Adelaide and “Danny” won their first world championship in 2007 in hunter hack, but they enjoy all the over-fences events. It takes time to become a team, and Danny has made the journey interesting for Adelaide.

“He doesn’t like to be ridden at home,” she said. “He is always good and loves to be at the horse show, but tries to buck me off quite a lot at home. (He does it) a couple of times a year. That’s not fun, but I’ll forgive him.”

That’s because the two of them have a shared passion.

“He loves the jumpers,” she said. “It’s his favorite class. If anyone was watching, they could see that he had so much energy. He walks in there and just knows. He loves it. It’s kind of his break, I guess. I love it. I think because he loves it so much. It’s so much fun for us.

“I’ve had him for five years, and he is the best horse I’ve ever had for sure. He has a lot of attitude, but when he’s at his best, he’s really the best.”

2010 AQHA World Show Working Hunter

Adelaide Moncrief and Steady Spirit