November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Pleasure Driving

Two wins in two days for Sharnai Thompson and Hot Ones Only.

For the second time during the AQHA World Championship Show, reigning champions Sharnai Thompson and Hot Ones Only, aka Bruno, have defended their championships.

Bruno was a busy 3-year-old at the 2009 AQHA World Championship Show. He took home gold trophies in amateur hunter under saddle and pleasure driving with Sharnai. Bruno won junior hunter under saddle with Beth Case, and AQHA Professional Horseman Charlie Cole was his pilot for pleasure driving. Both trainers are of Highpoint Performance Horses in Pilot Point, Texas.

Yesterday, he and Sharnai won the amateur hunter under saddle and earlier today, Sharnai and Bruno won the amateur pleasure driving.

Going into the amateur pleasure driving, Sharnai was nervous because “pleasure driving is always nerve wracking!”

Her 4-year-old gelding didn’t seem too concerned. “Bruno’s always chill,” Sharnai laughed. “He’s laidback, and he doesn’t get in a big hurry for anything.”

In fact, Bruno really likes the pleasure driving, according to Sharnai.

“I’m glad they are defended,” Sharnai said. “And I’m glad I’m done showing at the world show. It’s been fun, but I’m glad it’s over.”

Bruno still has two more classes next week; junior pleasure driving with Charlie Cole, and junior hunter under saddle with Beth Case.

Sharnai made sure to thank the Highpoint team, especially Beth. “She made him what he is!” Sharnai said. She also thanked her mom, Tammy Dyer and stepdad Mark Dyer.

Sharnai and her trainers have been “riding late and getting up early” to prepare Bruno. So how will Sharnai celebrate her second win of the day?

“A real dinner!”

AQHA World Championship Show Amateur Pleasure Driving World Champion Hot Ones Only and Sharnai Thompson

Sharnai and Hot Ones Only show in amateur pleasure driving.