November 6-21, 2015, Oklahoma City

Amateur Hunter Hack

A fairy tale comes true again for Meghan O’Malley and A Chanceof Blueskies.

For most people, an AQHA world championship title is a dream come true. Meghan O’Malley's dream just came true for the second year in a row.

“It’s incredible!” Meghan exclaimed. “You go into this thinking ‘I was lucky enough to have it happen once!’ but to have it happen twice in a row is a fairy tale.”

While the Journal interviewed Meghan after her winning run, she sported “Lucy’s” world championship neck wreath. It’s a tradition the DreamField Stables crew started at the 2010 National Snaffle Bit Association World Championships this August, when Lucy won four titles.

“We had four people in the win photo,” Meghan explained. “We all wore them like Miss America sashes. (Lucy) couldn’t wear them all on her neck, it was just too many.”

Meghan and Lucy are no strangers to success. At the 2009 AQHA World Championship Show, they came home with a win in amateur hunter hack, reserve in amateur working hunter, and eighth in amateur equitation over fences. With AQHA Professional Horsewoman Lainie DeBoer, Lucy finished fourth in senior hunter hack. Meghan and the buckskin mare also finished third in the amateur all-around standings.

Still, Meghan was nervous going into the amateur hunter hack finals this year. She and Lucy drew first in the work order, which Meghan admits “is a little scary.” After jumping two “really good” fences, Meghan entered the arena for the group rail work. “She was so easy on the rail,” Meghan said. “It was probably some of the nicest flatwork I’ve had all year.”

Meghan was quick to thank her fellow amateur competitors, and the entire DreamField Stables crew. Unfortunately, Meghan’s mom, Joanne O’Malley, was unable to make it; Meghan expressed her gratitude, saying “I can’t wait to check my cell phone. I know she’s probably crazy excited about this!”

Meghan also thanked her “really good friends” Mike and Christy Britt. “I’ve had a really difficult year, and they’ve done a lot to help me out."

Meghan and Lucy aren’t done quite yet. They’ll be appearing in the amateur equitation over fences finals and the amateur working hunter finals, too. “Lainie has so far made the finals in the senior working hunter with Lucy as well,” Meghan said.

The back-to-back world champions have been a team since Lucy was 9 months old. “I did most of the groundwork myself,” Meghan explained. “She is just such a good horse! She doesn’t know the word no, and she never pins her ears or gets grumpy.”

Meghan became emotional as she discussed her special bond with Lucy. “She just tries her hardest. She works her heart out all the time. I can’t say enough good things about her.

“She’s a dream horse, she really is.”

2010 AQHA World Championship Show Amateur Hunter Hack World Champions Meghan O'Malley and A Chanceof Blueskies

Meghan O'Malley and A Chanceof Blueskies