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August 31, 2011

Show Pen Stylin’

Connie Price of Connie’s Customs explains what’s hot in the show pen for 2011.

By Tara Christiansen
The American Quarter Horse Journal

Have you wondered what happened to the plain buttoned-down shirts that were so popular in 2010? Or what events you can pull off fringe in? Connie Price of Connie’s Customs in Collinsville, Oklahoma, sheds light on the current fashion trends of 2011.

Is yellow ever a good color for the show pen? Connie says no, or at least that her clients avoid the color. For starters, yellow is a difficult color for many to pull off, but the color is also seen as bad luck among cowboys.

Connie explains styles that are suitable for different riders’ figures, which colors to match to American Quarter Horse coat colors, and much more.