Journal at the World

August 31, 2011

One Prepared Mare

Be careful what you tell your mare, this Select exhibitor found out they might just take it seriously.

By Samantha Eckert
The American Quarter Horse Journal

Lynn Agee and Impulsive Grace

Although Lynn does want to breed Grace, she is happy to know the mare is not currently pregnant. Journal photo.

Lynn Agee of Kingsport, Tennessee, was shocked when she was giving her gray mare, Impulsive Grace, a bath to notice that the mare was lactating even though she was not bred.

“I always wash between her back legs and felt that she was a little larger than usual back there” about two months ago, Lynn said.

Later that week, Lynn was clipping to prepare for a show and milk began to leak from the mare. She has been dripping ever since.

“Grace is 11 this year, and I have done everything with her that I can do. I have been telling her and my friends that I am going to breed her this year.”

Lynn is the breeder, owner and exhibitor of Impulsive Grace, her dam, A Genuine Gremlin, and her granddam, Mista Ree.

“I guess I have been saying that I am going to breed her for so long she was just preparing herself,” Lynn says.

Lynn qualified in five classes at the 2011 Adequan Select World Championship Show and took Grace into the world championship arena in Amarillo in showmanship, horsemanship and trail.

“I have Grace’s little brother who will hopefully replace her when we do decide to retire and breed her.”

Lynn's good friend AQHA Professional Horseman Ronnie Stratton jokes that last year when Lynn and Grace came to visit they secretly bred the mare to his miniature donkey, "Julio."

“We may be having a miniature Quarter mule, and I just don’t know it,” Lynn giggles.