AQHA Select World Show 2015

2013 Select World


Billy Emerson claims three cutting trophies in three years at the Adequan Select World Championship Show.

In the last three years, Billy Emerson of Addison, Texas, has claimed three cutting trophies at the Adequan Select World Championship Show. This year, the trophy happened to be gold.

On August 24, Billy rode Senorita Spoon to a whopping score of 220 to take the title.

“Well, it’s wonderful,” he said of his win, “and let me first of all thank Adequan and the American Quarter Horse Association for putting on a show where us seniors have an opportunity to win a world championship. That’s really nice and very thoughtful of them. We appreciate what you do for us.”

Senorita Spoon is a 2006 sorrel mare by Hes A Peptospoonful and out of Smart Marlena by Smart Little Lena. She was bred by Big D Products of Napa, California.

“I’ve been with her now since she was 3 years old,” Billy said. “She and I get along. We fit together pretty well. So if we get good cattle picked, we can be competitive. I had a tremendous team helping me out there today: Wayne Czisny, Shannon Hall, Josh Townsend and Teddy Johnson, and they had picked me some good cows, and I was able to get them cut, and the mare was on the money.

“There are really good riders and horses here, so to win, everything has to fit together,” he added.

Billy has competed regularly at National Cutting Horse Association cuttings, with $139,519.79 in earnings. He was second at the NCHA Derby in 2002 with Blue Duck Okie, and in 2006, he started qualifying for the Adequan Select World when he was a finalist. He was seventh in 2008 and eighth in 2010.

“Well, I have been coming year after year,” Billy said. “It’s very seldom that you get the golden opportunity to win. I just kept after it. My horses have gotten better, and as I get a little older, I got a little better showmanship skills, and that’s what it takes together with a team of helpers. You can’t do it by yourself. You have to have your help out there with those four guys helping you. And I’ve got a great team, and it worked out today.”

In 2011, Billy was world champion with Stylish Lizzorro, a gelding owned by his son, Cory of Dallas. Billy was reserve world champion in 2012 with the same horse.

This year, Billy made the finals on both Stylish Lizzorro and Senorita Spoon.

“We were successful two years ago on him, and this year, we didn’t get the good draw,” he said. “I was next to last on him, and I had (already) cut the good cows on my mare.”

Billy got hooked on the cutting game almost accidentally.

“My dad and I … had some granddaughters of Poco Bueno, and this was back when the Poco Bueno mares and the Doc Bar studs were the magic cross, so we decided to breed a couple of our mares, and have a trainer train our horse, and we’d sit up in the stands and say, ‘That’s our horse,’ ” Billy said. “Then once we realized that’s a five-year program (to breed and compete one), we got in a hurry and didn’t want to wait five years, so we decided to buy one. We did that and then – riding a cutting horse is addictive. Once you ride a good one, you’re hooked, so that’s how it all got started, but once you get on one, that’s the end of that.”

Billy likes the Adequan Select World and hopes to return for a few more years.

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“(It’s) the opportunity to win a world championship,” he said. “And, of course, the friendliness of it. The people in Amarillo are wonderful, and we’re here at the home office of AQHA, and they treat us like royalty, so it’s a wonderful experience. I recommend it to anyone.”

Billy Emerson and Senorita Spoon win the cutting world championship at the 2013 Adequan Select World

Billy Emerson and Senorita Spoon work their way to a score of 220 and the cutting world championship August 24 at the 2013 Adequan Select World. (Journal photo)