AQHA Select World Show 2015

2012 Select World

Team Penning

Robert Salzbrenner, Mike Belter and Steve Olson make a brilliant trio in team penning.

Everything lined up perfectly for Robert Salzbrenner, Mike Belter and Steve Olson in the team penning at the 2012 Adequan Select World Championship Show.

“It went real well,” Robert said in the team’s Journal Winning Run interview. “Mike went and got the first (cow) and I went in and got another one and there was another one by it. I took it and Mike went in and got it.”

“Steve held the herd tight (and) no stray cattle got out, he (did) an excellent job,” he said. “And then we went to the pen with them!”

Robert comes to the Select show fairly often. Not only that, but his granddaughter has shown in the same arena. The family really enjoys what Amarillo has to offer.

“It’s close to home, I only live 45 miles away,” he said of the Select show. “And it’s a good show, you know, good people.”

The guys didn’t make it to the win on their own, though, they have their horses to thank for a lot of their success.

“This is the one I won in 2008 in the ranch sorting with,” Robert said of his horse, “Dolly.” “(I) started penning on her just a little bit and I like her penning. She’s still a good sorting horse. She’s 10 years old. She’s nice.”

Robert even plans to bring Dolly back to the Select show next year.

“She’s already qualified,” he said, laughing again.

Mike was very proud of his horse, “Dollar” for winning the team penning and the ranch sorting back-to-back.

“I rode the same one in the penning and the sorting, I was fortunate to have the same one,” he said. “Actually it’s my wife’s horse, I have to give her credit because she rides him and puts a good handle on him.”

For Mike, that means sharing his trophies with his wife.

“I bet she’ll get part of them,” he said.

The third member of the penning team, Steve, was especially excited because this was his very first world championship experience. And he managed to take home the gold in team penning and ranch sorting, along with Mike.

“Penning was on Bobbie Bars Jewel and she actually has won three other world championships prior to my buying her,” he said of his horse, “Bobbie.”

“It’s pretty sweet,” he said. “And to get two in the same day!”

The trio has a lot of fun team penning together. For them, there are many reasons why penning is what they love to do.

“I do my own horses … I used to show cutting horses a long time ago,” Robert said. “(With penning) I don’t have to send them to a trainer. Sorting and penning you can ride just about any horse, but if they’re cow-y it’s great!

“But you don’t have to have a trainer to keep them tuned up,” he said. “It’s really a neat sport.”

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2012 Adequan Select World Champions in Team Penning Robert Salzbrenner and Ms King Forty Two, Steven Olson and Bobbie Bars Jewel, and Mike Belter and Talkeetna Tari Olena

Mike Belter, Robert Salzbrenner, and Steven Olson take home the gold with Ms King Forty Two, Bobbie Bars Jewel and Talkeetna Tari Olena at the 2012 Adequan Select World Championship Show. (Journal photo)