AQHA Select World Show 2015

2012 Select World

2-Year-Old Mares

It was a repeat performance for Steven Headley and Cauzin Trouble.

It was a busy but good morning for AQHA multiple world champion Steven R. Headley of Bloomington, Indiana. In three back-to-back classes August 26, he earned three Adequan Select World Championship Show trophies.

After taking third in 2-year-old geldings with Believe U Me, Steven picked up a world championship in 3-year-old geldings with Motavated.

In his last class of the day, Steven felt confident. He was leading last year’s yearling mares world champion Cauzin Trouble.

“She’s a very sweet mare to be around and show,” he said. “She’s a really nice mare.”

The judges agreed.

Steven and “Trouble” beat out 15 entries to win the 2-year-old mares Select world championship.

“(AQHA Professional Horseman) Ross (Roark) and Sharon have done a terrific job getting her ready,” Steven said. “They try to make me look good, which is not easy.”

Steven bought "Trouble" as a yearling from Candace Jussen, who bought her from NFL Hall of Fame quarterback and AQHA world champion Terry Bradshaw.

“It was really cool to buy something from Terry Bradshaw and have it do so well,” he said. “It’s the frosting on the cake. Hopefully, she can continue on doing some more.”

Steven intends to be back next year, as he considers the Adequan Select World a special place.

“They really know how to treat the over-50 crowd," he said. “They treat you like royalty. Everybody gets along well, and it’s a good atmosphere.”

Plus, he keeps bringing home gold trophies.

“It makes you keep wanting to come back for more!” he chuckled.

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2012 Adequan Select World Champions in 2-Year-Old Mares Steven Headley and Cauzin Trouble

Steven Headley and his mare, Cauzin Trouble, win the Adequan Select World for the second year in a row. (Journal photo)