Qualify through your affiliate for the AQHA Novice championships.

Qualify through your affiliate for the AQHA Novice Championships.

Qualifying Period:  July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

  • All Rookie Youths and Amateurs, and Level 1 (formerly Novice) Youths and Amateurs will earn state affiliate show points at KyQHA approved shows.
  • All Participants must be nominated for KyQHA Year-End High Point Awards Program to be considered for the Novice Championship Show. There is no nomination fee; however, you must be a KyQHA member. Download the KyQHA Year-End High Point Rules & Nomination Form. Points will be computed in the same manner as for the KyQHA Year-End awards.
  • Rookie Youths and Amateurs may qualify in core classes which include: showmanship, horsemanship, hunt seat equitation, western pleasure, hunter under saddle and trail.
  • Level 1 (formerly Novice) Amateur and Youth competitors may qualify for the Novice Championships in the following classes: Yearling, 2-year-old, 3-year-old, Aged halter; Performance Halter Geldings and Mares (the horse must be performance halter eligible); Showmanship; Horsemanship; Hunt Seat Equitation; Working Hunter; Equitation Over Fences; Hunter Hack; Western Pleasure; Hunter Under saddle; Trail; Western Riding; Reining; Barrel Racing; Pole Bending; Stake Race.
  • Level 1 (formerly Novice) qualifying for those classes not offered at KyQHA approved shows will rely on nomination for, and year-end award points earned in, the respective youth or amateur classes for all exhibitors that are Level 1 (formerly Novice) eligible. Example: Level 1 halter qualifying will rely on placing in the respective youth or amateur halter classes; Level 1 contest eligibility will rely on placing in the respective youth or amateur contest classes; all exhibitors must be eligible for Level 1 (formerly Novice) according to AQHA records.
  • KyQHA will submit up to three state qualifiers per class to AQHA. If there are not three qualifiers in all classes, non-filled “slots” will be re-allocated to those classes already with three qualifiers; a maximum of up to six (6) qualifiers can then be recommended to AQHA.
  • Points are compiled on a one-horse, one-exhibitor basis. In the event of a tie, all tied exhibitors up to six (6) maximum per class will be invited so long as additional slots are available for reallocation. If additional slots are not available, the exhibitor placing at the most shows will break the tie.
  • Participants must be a member in good standing of AQHA, and the KyQHA/Kentucky Quarter Horse Youth Association. Download a Membership Form.
  • Participants must reside in Kentucky, and notify KyQHA in writing of their interest in participating either by email(info@kyqha.com) or by direct mail to KyQHA, PO Box 85, Eastwood, KY 40018-0085.
  • Any appeals regarding state qualifiers must be made in writing and received no later than August 4, 2014, prior to the Novice Championship Show final entry verifications, and sent to the KyQHA office. Final decision will be made by the KyQHA 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents and the KyQHA Horse Show Committee Chairman.
  • Tentative schedule for 2015:
    • July 25, 2015 AQHA will provide data to Affiliates
    • August 4, 2015 KyQHA will provide AQHA state qualifiers
    • AQHA will send KyQHA state qualifiers entry packets VIA EMAIL ONLY
    • September 2, 2015 state qualifiers must have entry packets to AQHA