Qualify through your affiliate for the AQHA Novice championships.

Qualifying Period: July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015

All Novice youth and Novice amateur exhibitors will earn state affiliate qualifying status by attending Tennessee Quarter Horse Association-approved shows according to the following guidelines approved by the TQHA Board of Directors:
  • Must be a member in good standing with AQHA and TQHA
  • Must obtain a TQHA competition card by May 11, 2015 to establish intent to qualify in accordance with TQHA bylaws.
  • 120 exhibitors, or the maximum number of entries AQHA allows, will be qualified by the highest number of TQHA shows attended during the qualifying period and compiled on a one horse, one exhibitor basis, with the following exception:
a). Due to the few TQHA shows with speed events, two slots will be reserved for each of these classes: Novice amateur barrels, Novice amateur poles, Novice youth barrels and Novice youth poles.

b). In the event of one of these speed events not having two exhibitors wishing to attend the AQHA Novice championships, a third exhibitor from the same age group will be accepted from the other class in the age group.

In the event of any speed event not filling with two exhibitors according to a). and b). above, the slot will be opened for the next exhibitor in any class qualifying by number of shows attended.

In the event of a tie, the exhibitor placing in the most shows will break the tie.

TQHA will submit the top 120 exhibitors, or the maximum number of entries AQHA allows, from Tennessee as entries for the Novice classes held at the Novice championship shows to AQHA.

Hardship requests by exhibitors from surrounding states who normally show in Tennessee should be established by letter to the TQHA Executive Secretary by May 1, and will be considered on an individual basis.