AQHA Cowboy Mounted Shooting Points Earned

In April, the first AQHA cowboy mounted shooting points were earned at the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association National Championship in Tunica, Mississippi.

The American Quarter Horse Journal
May 6, 2011


The first AQHA cowboy mounted shooting points were added to the official record of American Quarter Horses this week. The points were earned April 14 in Tunica, Mississippi, at the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association National Championship. A total of 16 AQHA points were awarded across open, amateur, youth and select divisions.

Point Earners


Chad Little GBH Stringwood Snipy  4
Charlie Little TC Scooter Wheel   3
Jessica Kuka PLC Nute Driftwood 2
Matt Sronce Fourplay Dunit  1
Matt Sronce Bar Dun Smokin 151 .5 
Derrick Hutchings Sweeps Little Man
Heithe Williams WJ Poco Harley 1
Byron P. Walters Poco Wimp Peppy .5
Amanda Cook MCM Leo La Jolla .5 
Select Amateur
Rick Deckena Bar None Rebel Ruler 1
David J. Bullock DBLJ Duster .5 
Cowboy mounted shooting is one of the fastest-growing equine events in the United States, and AQHA recently partnered with CMSA to give American Quarter Horse owners the chance to earn dual-approved points. More cowboy mounted shooting points can be earned at Battle in the Saddle, which is July 5-9 in Oklahoma City. Battle in the Saddle competitors will also have a chance to win some of the $10,000-added money for the event.

To follow cowboy mounted shooting point-earners, check out AQHA records, which include pedigree and performance information. AQHA members receive $10 credit per month, which can be used to research the online database.