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The American Quarter Horse Journal
June 24, 2011

American Quarter Horse and rider cutting a cow.

The USDA has released the final national equine herpesvirus-1 situation report related to the cases stemming from the National Cutting Horse Association’s Western National Championships April 29 - May 8 in Ogden, Utah. There were no newly identified premises with a suspect or confirmed EHV/equine herpes myeloencephalopathy cases during this last reporting period, and no additional situation reports will be compiled in relation to this EHV-1 incident. The complete USDA EHV-1 Situation Report provides detailed information on the number of exposed, positive, dead and euthanized horses on a state-by-state level. A summary of the updated information, as of June 22, is as follows:

  • A total of 90 confirmed EHV-1 or EHM cases were reported in 10 states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah and Washington).
  • Of the 90 confirmed EHV/EHM cases, 54 cases were horses that were at the Ogden, Utah, event.
  • There are 13 horses associated with this incident that are dead or have been euthanized.
  • There are no newly identified premises with suspect or confirmed cases identified in this reporting period.
  • With no new cases and no new affected premises, disease spread in connection with this incident has been contained. No further situation reports will be generated.

The American Horse Council appreciates all of the timely efforts by industry groups, USDA and state animal health officials in mitigating the health and economic impacts of this EHV-1 disease incident. The AHC also stresses the importance of responsible ownership and sound biosecurity practices among horse owners and service providers.

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Please see the following links for additional information on sound biosecurity practices, transmission risks and disease mitigation strategies.

Wyoming state officials are saying a confirmed case of EHV-1 in Johnson County is not related to the Ogden, Utah, cutting event. The Billings Gazette notes that this disease is not uncommon, and this appears to be an isolated incident. However, this incident is yet another reason as to why the educational links above are vital. It is critical that horse owners, service providers and facilities continue to implement responsible practices to minimize potential exposure to EHV-1/EHM and a variety of other contagious and infectious equine diseases that are a potential risk to our horses. The Billings Gazette story offers examples of the precautions being taken in Wyoming.

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