Competition Licenses Are Expiring

Renew your AQHA Incentive Fund annual licenses to earn money for points in 2014.

American Quarter Horse Association
December 6, 2013

2012 AQHA Region Ten Championship by Christine Hamilton

Download the 2014 AQHA Incentive Fund competition license. (Journal photo)

As American Quarter Horse owners are making plans for the 2014 show season, they should keep in mind annual AQHA Incentive Fund competition licenses, which expire December 31, 2013. If owners want to receive money for points earned in 2014, they must complete a competition license for each Incentive Fund-nominated horse before the horse competes.

One hundred percent of competition license fees collected are added to the Incentive Fund to help increase point values. To receive Incentive Fund payout, owners must pay a competition license fee of $50 for the amateur division and $50 for the open division per horse. The fee can be paid any time during the year and will become effective when it’s received by AQHA or by show management. Points earned prior to paying the annual license fee will not be Incentive Fund-eligible.

Download the 2014 AQHA Incentive Fund competition license.

“People love showing their horses, and getting paid at the end of the show season is a great reward,” said Tom Persechino, AQHA executive director of competition and breed integrity.

For the 2012 show season, the first year competition licenses were instituted, the Incentive Fund paid out more than $2.2 million. Horse owners can only receive an Incentive Fund payout once an annual competition license is filed.

Take the time to complete the 2014 Incentive Fund license form and mail it back to the address provided or call AQHA Customer Service at 806-376-4811 to pay over the phone.

Visit www.aqha.com/invest to learn more about the AQHA Incentive Fund and competition licenses.