Arizona Sun Circuit

"Something for everyone" is the motto of the 2014 Arizona Sun Circuit in Scottsdale.

By Doug Huls
Sun Circuit
November 15, 2013

Arizona Sun Circuit

The 2014 free Sun Circuit clinics will be taught by AQHA Professional Horsemen Robin and Jenny Frid, Jason Martin, Charlie Cole, Bob Avila and Corey Cushing. (Sun Circuit photo)

Exciting changes are being made to benefit the many exhibitors and attendees of the 2014 Arizona Quarter Horse Association Sun Circuit, slated for January 25 - February 2 in Scottsdale.

Reiners will have a new schedule with two reining arenas operating on many days. An additional warm-up area is being planned to accommodate the reiners. The latest current estimated completion time for a reining arena will be 7:30 p.m., and on many days, as early as 5 p.m. The National Reining Horse Association classes will be held over four days, versus two days as it had been, to allow for earlier completion times throughout the show. And the NRHA classes will now be affiliate shows of Arizona Reining Horse Association. To add to the excitement, the Sun Circuit is offering of two Concours de Reining International qualifying competitions. Spectators will get an opportunity to watch some of the greatest riders and horses from around the world qualify for future FEI events.

Saddles and Giveaways
Five new western pleasure saddles have been added for a total of  30 trophy saddles awarded for the show. Additionally, one Blue Ribbon saddle will be given away randomly to entrants of any performance halter class, compliments of Blue Ribbon Tack. A Jim Taylor saddle from Equine Oasis and a Martin Saddlery saddle from South Texas Tack will also be given away randomly during the Sun Circuit. American Quarter Horse stallion Self Shine will be sponsoring the ever-popular electronics giveaways in 2014. More than $5,000 worth of product will be dispersed randomly during the nine-day event.

Huntfield Derby
Hunters will be treated to a Huntfield Derby, part of the National Quarter Horse League.  This event will be qualifying event for the Huntfield Derby finals. The event will feature $1,000-added open and $1,000-added non-pro divisions, and the winner of the Greenway Saddlery Select/Novice division will win a saddle.

Reined Cow Horse 
Amateur working cow horse exhibitors will compete in the $1,000-added Syburg Amateur Bridle Spectacular. Exhibitors willd be able to show show in the herd work in romals and receive a reined cow horse score, then have this score added to their rein and cow work scores to determine placings. See details online at www.suncircuit.com.

Performance Pleasure
A fun, new class will be offered for all-around contenders who want to compete in the western pleasure classes. Horses will be judged on a forward stride, such as is needed to compete in the all-around events. There is no entry fee to enter, and the class will feature a $2,500-added open division and $2,500 non-pro.

NCEA Sun Circuit Shootout

This is a new event for 2014. Student-athletes from the National Collegiate Equestrian Association will compete at the Sun Circuit on Sunday, February 2.

 AQHA Professional Horseman Jackie Krshka shows you how to find correct rein and stirrup lengths for success in horsemanshipo in the November American Quarter Horse Journal.

Rod Patrick-Woods Western Boot Giveaway
The ever-popular boot giveaway is back. This year, 20 pairs of Rod Patrick Genuine Caiman boots will be given away randomly during the Sun Circuit. Combined with all the other giveaways,  exhibitors have multiple opportunities to go home with a little extra loot.

Free Parties
They’re back! The Johns, Tobin and Searles families will host the annual Welcome Party. American Quarter Horse stallion Machine Made will be sponsoring free lunch and the late stallion Good I Will Be will be hosting a free lunch.

All New Trophies
In addition to all the saddles, new trophies were designed for the 2014 Sun Circuit. Events will have specialized trophies for their division.

Free Clinics
The 2014 clinicians will be AQHA Professional Horsemen Robin and Jenny Frid, Jason Martin, Charlie Cole, Bob Avila and Corey Cushing, as well as Dr. Otto Stanislaw, Dr. G.R. Longworth and Dr. Ross Rich.

More Special Events
The Smart Boons Fence Work Challenges, Self Shine Reining Stakes, Ulcergard Green Hunter Under Saddle Stakes, Cinch Timed Event Ropings and Bella Vista Ranch All-Around Cowboy awards are all back for another year.  

As always, the Sun Circuit offers free parking and free admission. Even if you don’t show, come join us January 25 - February 2 in Scottsdale. Utilize the Sun Circuits preferred hotel rates or if you like, bring your RV and stay in West Worlds RV lot. Shop the vendors, learn from the clinicians and enjoy the show, all while enjoying the fabulous Arizona weather. Book your stay and  learn more about the show at www.suncircuit.com.