NSBA World Show: August 16

Ride along with blogger and first-time exhibitor Jennifer Horton's fourth day at the 2013 NSBA World Championship Show.

By Jennifer Horton
The American Quarter Horse Journal
August 18, 2013

Jennifer and Bill Horton at the 2013 National Snaffle Bit Association World Championship Show

First show photo for Jennifer Horton and Good Good Good, aka "Doug," pictured with husband Bill; taken by Larry Williams and used with permission.

Back out to the show grounds this morning so I can fit in a couple hours of work on photos while sitting at my stalls. Not a bad view for an office, until the sun gets to the west side of the barn, then I’m done for a while. Doug’s quite content munching on hay when I arrive.

The Breeder’s Championship Futurity classes concluded today and the Riders With Disabilities classes began yesterday and continued today and tomorrow. When I think of the challenges the RWD riders face, it sort of redefines courage and determination for me. Watching the classes also stirs emotion for the horse and rider connection. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the people and horses that have developed these programs for these riders and their families.

Last week, one of my Iowa youth members (I’m the IQHYA youth advisor) watched her older sister, Maddie, compete at the Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show. Today, when I came by their stalls, I saw a nice, big third place trophy that Kendalyn (“Seven”) Herlocker won here in the walk trot 9-&-under division.

Nothing great can be achieved without enthusiasm. And support. I’m lucky to have a pretty great support system in my family and friends. Starting with Bill, who went home to photograph a cutting futurity without me so I could show here. Our friends, Rick and Dolly Chayer, for giving me a bedroom at their home to stay in while I am here, since our living quarters trailer went home with Bill. Barb and Tim Delf, who gave me a truck to drive back and forth, since our truck pulled our trailer back to Iowa. And Mitch’s parents here at the show. His training business is a family business, so his parents, Dean and Marlys, are always ready to lend a hand, pick a stall, or hold a horse. And the friends who offer words of encouragement. We should all do that for each other.

After lunch at the nearby Rib Crib, I rode Doug with Mitch in the practice arena right next to our stalls. My best ride so far this week. That feels just so great. Now I just need to match my ride in the arena tomorrow to the ride in my mind.

The show ended in both arenas in good time as the sale was getting started at 4:00 this afternoon. It’s nice that the show arenas are open now for the horses showing tomorrow to prepare early today and for those who want to attend the sale, they won’t miss any of the show. I’m enjoying the quiet time at our stalls, sitting in a rocking chair, working on my laptop. Beats a real job.

Tomorrow is show day for both me and Doug and Mitch and his 2-year-old. His class will be in the morning and ours will be in the afternoon.