NSBA World Show August 15

Blogger Jennifer Horton's third day at the NSBA World Show.

By Jennifer Horton
The American Quarter Horse Journal
August 16, 2013

Jennifer Horton and Good Good Good

Jennifer Horton and Good Good Good

Up early to get to the show to watch my friend, Jennie Schut, show her mare in the BCF 3-Year-Old Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle. Jennie is one of my fellow Iowa amateurs and is also on the Mayflower Show committee with me and two other friends (shameless plug for the Iowa Mayflower show in May in Des Moines). With a couple of minor bobbles, they placed sixth in the limited class. Jennie shares my enthusiasm for attaining small goals and pride in accomplishment so it was fun to see her earn a medallion and be happy with her horse.

With the sunshine back, the outdoor pens filled with horses and that’s where my trainer, Mitch, took my horse, Doug, this morning to work. Part of being a show horse is not being bothered by the big equipment moving and loading steel panels and gates right next to the outdoor arena. The sunshine is a welcome warm and not too hot, what a perfect Oklahoma August day.

Doug’s lesson this morning was to hold up is shoulders  and not lean on my leg, or Mitch’s leg, at the lope as I’ve been allowing him to do. By using my legs to push him, I’ve been letting him lean on them and he needs to hold up his shoulders himself. It was a good session so then it’s back to hang out in his cool stall for a while and relax.

The morning session was good because when we went back out this afternoon for me to ride Doug, he was much improved. We went on our first trail ride (across the parking lot from our stalls to the outdoor pens). Even though Doug was raised in Iowa and has seen John Deere equipment roll past our arena, pasture and pens at home, the grounds here in Tulsa can be a little scary. Forklifts running back and forth, dragging the steel manure bins across the asphalt, golf cars zipping by and horses running at the end of their longe lines can all be very noisy and distracting. But we survived all of that to have a good lesson. And that was FUN! That feeling can be amazing when you get that lope stride right.

Our stalls are on the west side of the far barn from the show arenas, but we have a convenient working arena right next door. It’s nice for seeing people and watching horses from the convenience of our chairs. It’s been a nice, quiet location and I’ve been able to work a little bit during the day, working on photo orders from our last two shows while also playing here for the week. There’s a washrack in the corner of the barn with rubber mats to make rinsing and bathing easy. But I wish someone hadn’t cut the end off the single hose there so now I have to drag our hose down there with me.

Once Doug had been rinsed and fed, I headed down to the BBQ held down by the Yearling Sale Preview. This is the first year for a yearling sale to be included with this show, and 77 yearlings are listed in the catalog. While I am not shopping for one, I have friends and clients with horses in the sale and from flipping through the catalog, it looks like several breeders brought nice horses to offer here.

The preview this evening hosted a BBQ (BBQ, sweet corn and brownies with ice cream – yum!) with AQHA member Paul Bogart and his band playing for entertainment. So of course, I had to go see Paul, who grew up in the Tulsa area and showed in AQHYA as a youth in the roping for years, which is how I first met him. He now ropes as an amateur when his busy singing schedule allows now that he lives in Nashville. They play good country music and it’s always fun to see him. And now I’ve got his new CD to take home with me. [insert shameless plug here www.paulbogart.com]. The yearling sale starts tomorrow at 4 p.m.

Off to a reasonably early bedtime, as Friday will be my last relaxing day here before show day on Saturday. Back to time management. The days might feel long but they go by so fast. I still have a couple of interview sessions to work in while I am here for articles I am writing. And sometimes it’s just nice to sit here and enjoy the atmosphere and scratch on my horse.