How to Eat Healthy

Improve your diet on the road with tips from two nutrition experts with strong ties to the AQHA show world.

The American Quarter Horse Journal
June 6, 2013

How to eat healthy at horse shows, Abigail Boatwright photo

For tips on choosing quick and easy snacks for your tack stall, read “High-Octane Feed” on Page 64 of the June Journal. (Abigail Boatwright photo) BELOW: World champion Emily Harrington gives tips and exercises to make you stronger on your horse.

Let’s talk about horse show food.

If you’re like many competitors, you wake up long before dawn and skip breakfast on your way to the show grounds. You grab a cinnamon roll from the concession stand when your stomach reminds you it’s 10 a.m. After riding through lunch, you might pick up a plate of nachos and a soda to tide you over through an afternoon of classes. By the time you bed your horse down for the night, you’re ready to pig out at a restaurant and fall into bed. In addition to feeling hungry and weak for most of the day, you’ve ridden a rollercoaster of energy highs and lows.

However, if you make a few changes to your diet, you can sustain your energy and focus and perhaps even improve your performance in the pen. With a little preparation and healthy eating know-how, you can be ready to compete fully fueled.

Christine Sceets, a registered dietician and consultant for four long-term rehab facilities in Texas, is an amateur all-around competitor who lends her advice in the June American Quarter Horse Journal. Monica Brant, wife to AQHA Professional Horseman Brad Jewett, also shares her tips for how to eat healthy when you’re on the horse-show trail. A world-famous fitness and figure model, Monica is a licensed and certified personal trainer and nutritionist who grew up riding and showing horses.

For tips on choosing the right breakfast foods, quick and easy snacks for your tack stall, plus more on interval eating and how it can revolutionize your horse-show diet, read Abigail Boatwright’s “High-Octane Feed” on Page 64 of the June Journal.

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