Outside the Ring

What does your American Quarter Horse do outside the show ring?

By Kelly Jasper Thomas
The American Quarter Horse Journal
March 15, 2013

Smart Lil Geraldine, photo by Kelly Jasper Thompson

Smart Lil Geraldine and Taylor Thompson, 9 (left), and Tori Thompson, 11 (right), taken December 2011, while in foal to Doc Stanley Gold. (Photo by Kelly Jasper Thompson)

Editor's note: The American Quarter Horse Journal wants to know what your Quarter Horse does outside the show ring. The following is a letter to the Journal written by Kelly Jasper Thompson of Amarillo; Kelly's letter is featured in the Mailbox section of our March issue.

Inside the ring, Smart Lil Geraldine is a cutting horse with more than $8,000 in National Cutting Horse Association lifetime earnings. Outside the ring, we playday on her; she is teaching my kids how to ride and she is just an all-around amazing horse. She's been really great for my girls. She's easy to catch, she loads without problems and she's extremely patient with them. But get her in the arena and “Geraldine” is all business.  

As a testament to her disposition, she had been out to pasture having babies for three years when we got her. On the very day she was brought back to the barn, my girls rode her. There was no "fresh" to even ride off of her. Like a great horse, she just picked up where she left off.  

Incidentally, with my father, Loyd Jasper, we also own and train two yearlings. Daddy learned his skills from his father, Milt Jasper of Silverton, Texas. My grandfather was the owner and trainer of Miller Boy, the sire to the great American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame horse Driftwood. I'm a firm believer that the love of horses is in the blood. And my girls are shaping up to be great fourth-generation horsewomen.

What does your American Quarter Horse do outside the ring? Write to aqhajrnl@aqha.org to let us know!