Miss Scarlett: February

Follow AQHYA member Tara Osburn as she raises her AQHA Young Horse Development Program filly.

By Tara Osburn
The American Quarter Horse Journal
March 5, 2013

Miss Scarlett, aka KT Docs Mamba

Learn more about the AQHA Young Horse Development Program through Tara’s adventures with Scarlett. (Photo by Tara Osburn)

Editor’s note: Tara Osburn received KT Docs Mamba, aka “Scarlett,” in fall 2013 through the AQHA Young Horse Development Program from AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder KT Ranch. The following report is what Tara and Scarlett have been up to in the past month.

This has been a very beneficial month for us!

For starters, I was very pleased with Scarlett for learning how to eat her grain. I had been giving her a little bit, but I never saw her eat it so I wasn’t sure what she was doing with it. One day, I mixed in some of her alfalfa with her grain and the next day, she was whinnying and wanted her grain over her alfalfa! I was and am very happy about that. Since she decided that she really likes her Nutrena Safechoice and eats it, I have been giving her a mineral supplement called U-Guard, which is a calcium/magnesium powder that goes with her grain. We just bought some new timothy hay that she also seems to like a lot.

Scarlett has started shedding! I found that the rubber curry comb works the best for getting rid of the hair; there were piles and piles of hair on the ground when we were done. She really enjoyed all of the extra attention she was getting, and I can’t wait until all of her winter hair is gone and she has her nice shiny summer coat.

She has started to go through my blankets. I have used three different-size blankets on her now and she has also used three different hoods! I put a sleezy hood on her for a couple of nights to try a different style.

We’ve had quite a bit of sunshine lately, and Scarlett has been it. It has been nice and sunny for her, and she gets to go outside almost every day. She always neighs at me when I come down to the barn, which makes me feel very welcome. She still absolutely loves when I run around her pasture and she races me to wherever we go (she usually beats me). I love watching and recording her when I turn her out in her pasture because she loves to run and buck and get all of her energy out right away!

I have taken her on several walks recently, which we enjoyed, and soon I’m planning on practicing ponying her in the arena. This summer, I plan to pony her on trails with one of my mares so that she will get used to everything. I continue to practice leading her and I started teaching her a little bit on how to cross-tie by hooking her up to one and attaching a lead rope to the other side and holding it so she starts to get the idea of what it’s like. She was very cooperative and it didn’t seem to bother her.
I keep measuring Scarlett and convincing myself that she has grown, but as of now she is less than a half an inch over 12.1 hands. I don’t expect her to even possibly get over 14.3 when she is full grown, but she may surprise me! I like that she won’t be too big because she is going to have very powerful hindquarters and will be able to get very low to the ground for when she learns to cut cows and spin and slide. I’m excited to see what kind of riding she likes best and try a little bit of everything with her. I want her to be able to be a true all-around horse, and I am sure she can.

I’m looking forward to this coming month (Scarlett’s birthday is on March 29!) Although I may be out of town for several days for school and spring break, I’m still planning on being with Scarlett as often as I can. If I have the time to plan one, I may throw Scarlett a party on her birthday like I did for my first horse when she turned 4 and 5 years old.

Soon I am hoping to print a hard copy of my project book so I can really start working on it and get it all done and have it just the way I want it to look. I’m getting to be fairly busy this spring, but I can’t wait until I finally get to take Scarlett to our first show together.

Learn more about the AQHA Young Horse Development Program through Tara’s adventures with Scarlett.