Timed Event Championship

Daniel Green pulls from 17 years' experience in the Timed Event Championship to clinch his third title.

Lazy E Arena
March 4, 2013

Daniel Green, 2013 Timed Event Championship, photo by James Phifer

On March 3, Daniel Green clinched his third Timed Event Championship title in the 17 years he's been competing at this unique competition. (James Phifer photo, courtesy of Lazy E Arena)

With a crack in his voice and tears in his eyes, Daniel Green talked to his wife, Shawnda, who was home in Oakdale, California.

"We did it," he said. "I love you so much. I miss you. I wish you were here to see this."

On Sunday afternoon, Daniel clinched his third Timed Event Championship title in the 17 years he's been competing at this unique  competition. He finished the rugged 25-run contest with a cumulative time of 313.6 seconds to claim the top prize. In all, he'll leave the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma, with $52,000.

"Mission accomplished," said Daniel, 40, who also won in 2002 and 2008. "It wasn't perfect by any means. Many times it's not, but that's the Timed Event Championship. It's adapt, adjust and overcome. It's the guy that perseveres, and I just kept my mind set. These kids were coming in here and roping fast, and I just kept solid. I've been here enough to know."

Daniel worked through the last of the five-round competition in 76.0 seconds, his slowest round of the weekend. But it secured the coveted title and the $50,000 top prize – he also added $2,000 for finishing eighth in the fastest-round aspect of the contest. Daniel's 313.6 was 30.3 seconds faster than the runner-up Paul David Tierney, the son of four-time world champion Paul Tierney from Oral, South Dakota – the youngest of the three Tierneys in the mix earned $25,000.

"It feels awesome to win that kind of money," Paul David Tierney said, explaining that's the largest check he's received in competition. "That'll make things a lot easier now."

The top timed-event cowboys in rodeo are invited to compete in the challenge, which just concluded its 29th year. Each competes in all five disciplines: team roping-heading, team roping-heeling, tie-down roping, steer wrestling and steer roping. Over the course of the three days, contestants competed 25 times. Money is paid out in aggregate, paying the cowboys with the top eight cumulative scores, and also in the fastest rounds.

Trevor Brazile is the only six-time winner in Timed Event Championship history. He placed third in this year's event, earning $15,000 for that feat. But he also posted the fastest go-round, completed in 44.3 seconds during the third performance to add another $10,000 to his wallet.

"Usually if things are going good, I'm not trying to get that," Trevor said, who has earned the top round prize six times in his career. "If things are going good, then I'm just being steady."

That was the key for Daniel. Not only did he claim his third title, he was one of three past champions to finish in the top four of this year's event: Trevor  in third, and five-time titlist K.C. Jones of Burlington, Wyoming, in fourth.

"If I beat the course, then not all of them are going to beat me," Daniel said. "I've never been beat by someone here if I feel like I beat the course. The course is the toughest competition."

Final Results ($153,000 purse)

1. Daniel Green, 313.6 seconds on 25 runs, $50,000
2. Paul David Tierney, 343.9, $25,000
3. Trevor Brazile, 352.4, $15,000
4. K.C. Jones, 354.1, $10,000
5. Jess Tierney, 361.7, $7,500
6. Russell Cardoza, 362.6, $5,000
7. Trell Etbauer, 364.8, $4,500
8. Erich Rogers, 375.1, $3,000

FASTEST GO-ROUND: 1. Trevor Brazile, 44.3 seconds, $10,000
2. Kyle Lockett, 46.5, $6,000
3. Clayton Hass, 49.6, $5,000
4. Clay Smith, 50.1, $4,000
5. Jess Tierney, 50.5, $3,000
6. Daniel Green 51.0, $2,000

ARENA RECORD BONUS: Jade Corkill, 4.3 seconds in heeling, $3,000

1. Daniel Green, $52,000
2. Paul David Tierney and Trevor Brazile, $25,000
4. Jess Tierney, $10,500
5. K.C. Jones, $10,000
6. Kyle Lockett, $6,000
7. Russell Cardoza and Clayton Hass, $5,000
9. Trell Etbauer, $4,500
10. Clay Smith, $4,000
11. Erich Rogers and Jade Corkill, $3,000